Monday, July 10, 2017

Revlon Professional Super 10R Hair Mask

So what's the secret to having gorgeous, healthy hair?! Looking after your hair of course! From working in a hairdressers I learned so much about hair and how important it is to be using the correct products for your hair type. The majority of people often use the wrong products for their hair, therefore the condition of their hair either doesn't change or get worse. I could go so into depth about each hair type but this post will probably go on until next week! Having said that if anyone would like me to do a post on hair types and which products to use let me know. You could have dry and thin hair but you might not be able to find products that will help moisturise your hair while trying to make your hair feel thicker. In cases like this you need to tackle one problem at a time. 

For instance, around this time last year I had a colour disaster I was bright blonde. The brighter the blonde the more damage your doing to your hair. Well, I got to a stage where my hair was snapping off, I had split ends which led me to cut my hair shorter than what I wanted. But I had to, in order to get my hair back into good condition I had to cut all the dead ends off and start using treatments, shampoos and conditioners to help my hair. Most importantly, I didn't want my hair to snap off anymore than what it had so I started using a shampoo and conditioner particularly for brittle/damaged hair. After a month of using the shampoo and conditioner my hair was finally feeling and looking healthier.

To help my hair even more I decided to get a root drag. It was less maintenance and it meant I wasn't bleaching my hair every 4-6 weeks. Since I have started looking after my hair better I am constantly getting compliments on my hair, I would be walking down the street and girls would stop me saying how much they love my hair. A year later and my hair is growing so fast, even with getting my hair trimmed every 6-8 weeks. Regularly using treatments and colouring my hair less than I did before. Everytime I do get my colour done now I only get a tint as I get a semi-permanent so it fades up quite a lot. I also get a toner on the ends of my hair to make my blonde more ashy and cleaner looking rather than that brassy look. 

The main reason I picked up this hair mask is because the next time I will be getting my hair done I will be adding more blonde to my hair because it has grown out a little and I want the blonde brought up more. I have started using this treatment in my hair now so I can keep my hair nourished and hydrated before I get my hair done so the chances of my hair breaking again are quite low. As you can see from the photos it has 10 amazing benefits. One thing I will admit is that my hair isn't frizzy, to a certain extent. I mean if I don't blowdry my hair and let it dry naturally of course it will frizz ever so slightly but I do have a natural kink in my hair. So if I do let my hair dry naturally no matter how many times I straighten my hair it won't stay straight as much as I'd liked. 

My first time using this product it gave my hair instant smoothness and shine. It was much easier to comb through my hair now as well. I don't have 'knotty' hair per say but because my hair is blonde, it is dry which makes it that bit harder to comb through. I have used this a couple of times now and I 100% feel confident that in a months time I will see a big difference in my hair as I already have. When I use this mask, I shampoo my hair as normal giving it two shampoos, rinsing very well. I then towel dry my hair and apply it from root to tip and comb through my hair. I like to leave hair masks on for as long as I can so I tend to use them on my 'lazy' days. For anyone who has thin or oily hair I wouldn't recommend applying it from the root. You will find your hair becoming oily quicker and if you use too much it can make your hair feel too heavy. It has a thick consistency but it spreads so easily in your hair. The smell of this is absolutely devine too! It has that 'hairdresser' smell! I purchased this in a beauty suppliers but it can be purchased online.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Monthly Favourites - June

Happy Saturday! Seriously cannot believe its July already, halfway through 2017! I thought I would start off this months post with my June Favourites. It's not a lot of products because to be honest I haven't done much shopping in the past few weeks as I have been saving for a lot things that are coming up. Having said that yesterday I done some serious damage to my bank account and I will do some haul posts soon!

So I'll start off with the iWhite Instant Teeth Whitening I have recently started whitening my teeth with a whitening gel from the dentist. So when my teeth start getting sensitive I like to use these inbetween as they cause no sensitivity and they help keeping my teeth white and clean. The kit contains 10 prefilled trays and you pop them in for 20 minutes only! I generally do this in the evening before I go to bed. I do recommend these to anyone who do have white teeth. For anyone who has really bad yellow stained teeth you would have to use them for quite awhile as it doesn't contain hydrogen peroxide which is a bleaching agent that is contained in the whitening gels from the dentist. If you are considering whitening your teeth do make sure you get a scale & polish before hand to get rid of any plaque. Your teeth will whiten but you won't get the results your looking for if you have plaque, you will still have yellow stains! Before I started my teeth whitening I got my teeth cleaned and a Sandblast, the sandblast helped lift some of those stains I had on my teeth and I can't wait to get it done again!  

Tantastic liquid tan is 100% my favourite tan I have used so far. The bottle lasts forever and a little goes a long way. I do love a dark tan so I chose this shade. It smells amazing and it drys in so fast its unbelievable! Two days before I do my tan I always exfoliate and moisturise to ensure I get an even application. On the day I do my tan I rub tonnes of moisturiser on my elbows, knees, hands and wrists and an area on my chest as I sometimes get marks from the straps of my tops. I also put moisturiser on my nails if I have a set of acrylic nails on and if my toes are painted! I always try my best to tan the night before to let it develop over night and wash it off in the shower the next morning. Anytime I wear this tan I get so many compliments and I'm always asked if its a spray tan!

Victoria Secret Hydration Body Lotion Red Plum & Pressia  I got this in a set a few months back as a present and usually I very rarely or never use the lotions I get in sets but this I have been constantly using the past few months. It smells devine and I love the thickness of the lotion, I have dry skin so I prefer thicker  lotions because I feel they work better for my skin. I use the bodyspray along with this as the fragrance lasts longer and I don't have to keep using during the day! I hate when I  put on bodysprays or perfumes and the fragrance just disappears after an hour 

John Frieda Brightening Oil This elixir has been my holy grail the past while. It has been a good few weeks since I have got my hair colour and cut so my hair is quite dry and I feel it has gone dull as I haven't had my colour done. I have been applying a few pumps of this in towel dry hair before I start blow drying my hair. It has definitely helped the condition of my hair, it is still dry but not as dry as it was. From colouring my hair blonde I will never get the condition back to the way it was so I know I will it will always be dry. Along with that it gives my hair an amazing shine,  I have gotten so many compliments since I've started using it! Today I booked into the hairdressers to get my hair done next week, I literally cannot wait its been so long since I've had it done! So there you have it, my June favourites. The majority of these products you can buy in supermarkets and pharmacies!

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