Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Current Favourites | Makeup Products

It has only occured to me that I have actually never written a current favourites post so I thought I would get cracking and show you all some of my makeup products that I am currently obsessed with. I love reading other bloggers current favourites because I come across a lot of products I want to use or some I haven't even heard of. I'm pretty sure you have all heard of the ones included in this post but anyway! These products are what I use almost everyday and some I have recently gone back to using. As you can already tell by my blog I am a big lover of MAC so of course they are included in this post! 

MAC Pro Fill Palette: These 4 fill pro palettes are so handy! I have a few of these and the bigger palettes. I just find these easier to store because I bring half my makeup with me it fits perfect in my makeup bag! Aside from that they are cheaper and its only €6 for a refill pan. I love this palette I have built up myself, I am sure most of you have these eyeshadows but they are always used in any makeup look I wear. The eyeshadows from top left to right are: Vanilla, Tempting, Swiss Chocolate and Texture.

Inglot Pressed Powder 63: I have to admit when I first tried Inglot products I wasn't a big fan. But after trying out a few of the products I am slowly converting! I came across a blogger on Youtube using this powder in one of her makeup looks and I just had to buy it. It is pretty dark and I would only recommend it to people who wear a medium-dark tan. What I love most about this powder is that you only need the smallest amount on your brush so I know it will last me ages!

Benefit High Brow: I know this has been going around years but only a few weeks ago when I was organising all my makeup I came across it in my makeup storage box, I was delighted. I totally forgot I had it and remembered how much I loved using it. This is brilliant for cleaning up your brows and giving the illusion of a nice arch if you lack one. Honestly if you have never tried this before(which I would be surprised if you haven't) you need this on your makeup list! The difference it makes to your brow shape, it really pulls the look together.

Inglot Under Eye Concealer 91:  I picked this concealer up a few weeks ago and it was my first time using it. I have to say I really am impressed with this! Like the powder a little goes along way. I mostly use this for highlighting my face. It spreads so easily and the coverage is amazing.

MAC Blush Melba: To be quite honest I would say I own 2 blushes?! I have never really been into them as I could never find the right shade for me. Only now I have been slowly getting use to wearing blush and using them everyday. Well only this one! I love it because it isn't too pink and bright, it isn't hugely noticable when I have it on but it does make a huge difference to my makeup. There are a few other MAC blushes I want to try, I will be getting one this week so once I try it out I will do a review!

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