Wednesday, November 30, 2016


So these beauties are the products I have picked up recently. I wanted to give them a good trial first before writing up reviews and my opinion on them. If you know me personally, you would know about my serious obession with makeup and Mac makeup in particular. I won't set foot out the door without wearing makeup it gives me such a boost of confidence.

Mac Mineralize Timecheck Lotion: My skintype is oily/combination and lately because of the warmer weather my skin has become more oily than anything. I wear the Mac studio fix fluid foundation in NC35/37 during the day and as many of you know it is quite a heavy foundation. During the day I was noticing my foundation becoming more orangey due to the excess oil as this wasn't a look I was absolutely loving I wanted to try some primers to  control the oil. My first buy was this Timecheck lotion, to be honest I had an idea what I was going in for but the Makeup artist on the counter somehow talked me into buying it. You all know how easily bribed we can be in Mac! I was told the Timecheck lotion gives a plump effect to the skin, giving a smooth base and controls oil. Personally, for me this lotion was not enough for me. I do admit that it control the excess oil to an extent but I was still left with that orange base foundation during the day. It did give a smooth base to my skin. Although I did notice after a few days of using the timecheck lotion it made my eyes water a lot which never happens to me. I was actually baffled to why it kept happening until I was asking around for a solution to prevent my eyes from watering so much, I was told it could be new makeup/creams.

Raizin Blush: I am starting a bit of an unhealthy obsession with Instagram lately. I think it is just a brilliant way to find out about products,makeup looks,outfits, etc. And, this is how I came across this beauty! I wouldn't use this as a blush on myself as I am too pale for it but my intention for this buy was to use it as an eyeshadow. There are actually so many blushes/bronzers I use for eyeshadow. This one is my favourite at the moment and I cannot stop using it. I haven't swatched it because I will be posting a makeup look in the next few weeks.

Mineralize Bronzer-Matte: Personally, I much prefer matte bronzers rather than ones with a shimmer, I think they can be a bit much with highlighters. I was using the holy grail 'Give me sun' bronzer for a good while but lately I found it looking quite 'orangey' What I love most about this bronzer is that you can keep building it up until you get that definition your looking for, be it day time or night time looks it's great for both!

Eyeshadow palette: It's actually about time I picked up one of these palettes. I ALWAYS buy the quad palettes and just build them up. But these are wayyy better and much cheaper! Everytime I go into Mac now I just pick an eyeshadow up. I will do a seperate post on this palette when I have it all filled up!

Elaine x

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