Tuesday, April 15, 2014

WetnWild Lipstick

A few weeks back WetnWild had only arrived in Ireland and I was so excited to try some of the products out. I had always known of this brand from watching makeup tutorials on YouTube. When I came across a stand in my local shop I could not get over how cheap it was considering the great reviews I have heard. I picked up two lipsticks, the one pictured in 'Nouveau Pink' and a matte one called 'Just peachy' which I will get around to doing a seperate post on sometime soon. I was on the look out for a lipstick in this shade of pink. It's not something I would always wear so I thought I would pick it up since it only cost €2.99! I was instantly intrigued. I thought this colour would be perfect for Spring/Summer, a break away from the nude colours I usually wear. I have to say I am sooo impressed with the quality of this lipstick! The colour is so pigmented and is stunning on. It has a smooth texture when it's applied, which I personally love. It doesn't leave my lips feeling dry instead it feels much smoother. The colour comes out the exact same as it does on my hand. I have only tested it out a few times with looks but I haven't worn it for a full day. At the price it is I am not expecting it to last hours but long enough, I wouldn't be so picky or annoyed that I'd have to top it up anyway. Things like that don't bother me one bit, to be honest I love topping my lipstick up! The lipsticks are the only products I've tried from this brand. I definitely recommend them, they're perfect for those working, in school or college. And they're so cheap, where could you go wrong?! I will be most certainly picking more up of these lipsticks as they have a  great range of different colours. 

Have you tried Wet n Wild products?
What's your favourite?

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