Sunday, February 9, 2014

Inglot | Body Sparkles

Out of every product I have tried to date from Inglot my favourite has to be their pigments and body sparkles! It is amazing how dramatically they change your look. I use them everytime I go on a night out. I created this look when I first bought the body sparkle which is no.56. It's actually silver and gold mixed but once on the lid, as you can see, it gives a soft gold look. For this look, I used Naked out of the Urban Decay Naked palette 1 to contour my eye. I then went over it with Cork from MAC. I used a dark brown from a CrownBrush palette to darken the outer corners and blended it inwards.
I left the body sparkle to last using the duraline from Inglot I placed it on my lid then
the body sparkle. Don't forget to use duraline or else it won't stick to your lid! You also only need a drop of it, anymore will cause your lid to feel sticky and cause your eyeshaows to crease. You definitely don't want that to happen before your night out! Leave it to set keeping your eyes closed for about 3 minutes to ensure it's dry.
With any pigments, tap off the excess pigment from your eyeshadow brush or else it will go everywhere. The gel liner I use is also from Inglot in no.77, this gel liner is amazing, it glides on so well and it literally is the blackest black! I use it almost everyday. For my brows, I always use either a matte brown eyeshadow or something wax based so it won't wear off. I mostly use my Inglot gel liner in no.89. It is hard to get use to using this as you need a really thin angled brush and a steady light hand! It took me a good few trys before I got it right. I didn't bother put lashes on as the ones I use aren't reusable. I like to use full lashes but not too full that they take away from the whole look. 

Have you used Inglot Body Sparkles?
Which are your favourite?

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