Tuesday, April 15, 2014

WetnWild Lipstick

A few weeks back WetnWild had only arrived in Ireland and I was so excited to try some of the products out. I had always known of this brand from watching makeup tutorials on YouTube. When I came across a stand in my local shop I could not get over how cheap it was considering the great reviews I have heard. I picked up two lipsticks, the one pictured in 'Nouveau Pink' and a matte one called 'Just peachy' which I will get around to doing a seperate post on sometime soon. I was on the look out for a lipstick in this shade of pink. It's not something I would always wear so I thought I would pick it up since it only cost €2.99! I was instantly intrigued. I thought this colour would be perfect for Spring/Summer, a break away from the nude colours I usually wear. I have to say I am sooo impressed with the quality of this lipstick! The colour is so pigmented and is stunning on. It has a smooth texture when it's applied, which I personally love. It doesn't leave my lips feeling dry instead it feels much smoother. The colour comes out the exact same as it does on my hand. I have only tested it out a few times with looks but I haven't worn it for a full day. At the price it is I am not expecting it to last hours but long enough, I wouldn't be so picky or annoyed that I'd have to top it up anyway. Things like that don't bother me one bit, to be honest I love topping my lipstick up! The lipsticks are the only products I've tried from this brand. I definitely recommend them, they're perfect for those working, in school or college. And they're so cheap, where could you go wrong?! I will be most certainly picking more up of these lipsticks as they have a  great range of different colours. 

Have you tried Wet n Wild products?
What's your favourite?

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Monday, February 17, 2014

Coleen X signature Eyeshadow Palette

Hey girls, hope you had a good weekend. As I mentioned in my last post I was back to work after a weeks holiday, thinking I'd be closing everytime I was in I got some early shifts! Yay. The joys of working in retail.. if any of my readers work in retail you'll know how I feel. I'm delighted I got an early shift on Friday as your all aware it's Valentines day and of course I want to spend my day with my boyfriend instead of being in work til 10! Anywho onto the post.. I got this at Christmas, it's Coleen signature eyeshadow palette. 
I have never used any of her makeup before so when I recieved it at Christmas I was dying to try it out. The colours in this palette are gorgeous, mixed matte and shimmer eyeshadows. Everything you want in a palette!
I have to comment on the packaging of this product.. I mean look how pretty it is? I still haven't thrown it out because I love it, especially the little bow. Even the palette itself is great, it won't get dirty and the eyeshadow pots are deep so I know it won't be easy to break. I don't know how many times I have opened a palette and something has cracked!
As I mentioned the palette is mixed with matte and shimmer shadows, the top five are more frost than a shimmer which look gorgeous on. I usually use the  3rd and 5th for highlighting my inner corners. It makes a big difference to your makeup, try it next time! the other three I use on my lid. The first one is a gorgeous frost pink, the second one a taupe colour and third a deep gold. These  colours are perfect for everyday makeup. 
The second row, as you can see are darker shades, the first one is actually a really dark purple which didn't show up well on the camera. The second one is a gorgeous brown which is similer to Buck from the Naked palette 1 with a hint of shimmer in it. 
I know it's 'against the rules' to use a shimmer in your crease but sometimes you can get away with it, and with this one you definitely can! The third one, looks grey but it's actually a black eyeshadow but not the blackest black. The fourth is a greyish taupe which is stunning in the crease! Lastly, my favourite in this palette is the gorgeous blue eyeshadow. It's not something I would always go for but it was the first one that caught my eye in this palette. I'll soon create a look with this. These shadows blend so easily and they are so pigmented, they look even nicer on! I'm not to sure where you can actually buy this palette or how much it even is. But I'm sure if you look up the Coleen X signature makeup it will pop up somewhere online along with her other products.
I'm so pleased with this palette, I really want to try more of her makeup. She also has her makeup brushes that I've read some good reviews on! 

Have you tried any of the Coleen makeup range?
What are your thoughts?

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Topshop Lipstick | Charmed

I was planning on posting this yesteday but unfortunately I didn't get around to it. Today I'm back to work after a lovely, well needed week off. I'm only in 4-8 thank god, any longer shift would have killed me. I'm actually looking forward to going back so I can get back into my normal routine after my lazy week off. Anyways.. onto the lipstick!
I have come across so many blog posts on Topshop makeup from highlighters to lipsticks. I have been dying to test them out myself and I cannot believe it has taken me this long. I went shopping on Friday, since it was pay day. Usually, I go over board and blow it all on one shopping trip but I came home which just a top and lipstick. I planned to pick up a few tops but unfortunately nothing had caught my eye, I'm sure I'll find something in work this week. Anywho, while I was in Topshop I had a browse through the makeup. At the moment I am really lacking some lipsticks, all I have been wearing is Myth from MAC and it is nearly coming to an end. Since Spring/Summer is nearly here I thought I would pick up an orange toned lipstick since it is really big this year. It gives me a break from my pale pink and nude lipstick rut I have been in the past few months. This colour really popped out when I tested it on my hand and immediately I was intrigued, I had to get it. The following day I wore it,keeping my makeup natural as I could, with a ligt brown smokey eye, thin liner and this lipstick to give my face a bit of colour. 
I am very picky when it comes to lipsticks, so I find it hard to get one I love that's not pink. This is now one of my favourite colours, it didn't look as bright on then it did when I tested it on my hand but I was thankful for that as I didn't want it too bright. I love how this lipstick gives a gorgeous matte finish without leaving my lips looking chapped. Since I have gotten my braces on a month ago I find some lipsticks leave them looking awfull dry. The lipstick is soo smooth applying and feels light on my lips. I hate lipsticks that feel too heavy, the Topshop lipsticks feels as light as lipgloss without the stickyness of course! There were more colours that caught my eye so I will definitely be back to buy more of these! Plus, they are a reasonable price at €12

What's your favourite Topshop lipstick?

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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Inglot | Body Sparkles

Out of every product I have tried to date from Inglot my favourite has to be their pigments and body sparkles! It is amazing how dramatically they change your look. I use them everytime I go on a night out. I created this look when I first bought the body sparkle which is no.56. It's actually silver and gold mixed but once on the lid, as you can see, it gives a soft gold look. For this look, I used Naked out of the Urban Decay Naked palette 1 to contour my eye. I then went over it with Cork from MAC. I used a dark brown from a CrownBrush palette to darken the outer corners and blended it inwards.
I left the body sparkle to last using the duraline from Inglot I placed it on my lid then
the body sparkle. Don't forget to use duraline or else it won't stick to your lid! You also only need a drop of it, anymore will cause your lid to feel sticky and cause your eyeshaows to crease. You definitely don't want that to happen before your night out! Leave it to set keeping your eyes closed for about 3 minutes to ensure it's dry.
With any pigments, tap off the excess pigment from your eyeshadow brush or else it will go everywhere. The gel liner I use is also from Inglot in no.77, this gel liner is amazing, it glides on so well and it literally is the blackest black! I use it almost everyday. For my brows, I always use either a matte brown eyeshadow or something wax based so it won't wear off. I mostly use my Inglot gel liner in no.89. It is hard to get use to using this as you need a really thin angled brush and a steady light hand! It took me a good few trys before I got it right. I didn't bother put lashes on as the ones I use aren't reusable. I like to use full lashes but not too full that they take away from the whole look. 

Have you used Inglot Body Sparkles?
Which are your favourite?

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Thursday, February 6, 2014


It has been a long time since I've blogged and I have tonnes of products I want to show you! From Christmas presents to a few other bits I have been picking up now and then. Before I do, I wanted to write a non-beauty related post. I didn't want to put all photo's up but here are a few!

Two weeks ago myself and my boyfriend headed off to Glasgow for the weekend to see Celtic play against Motherwell. I had booked the trip for him as a Christmas present because he's a HUGE Celtic fan and he's been dying to get over to Glasgow for a match. We had a great weekend from the time we stepped onto the plane to landing in Dublin on the Sunday. On the Friday we walked around Glasgow city, went for a meal and headed to the pub afterwards. Saturday morning we went shopping, my boyfriend bought me the new Celtic jersey and a Celtic scarf. I was delighted with my presents!
Afterwards, we went for a few pre drinks in a bar/restaurant place then to a pub called The Brazen Head. In the pub the staff gave us two free tickets for the bus to Park Head. 

I have to say the bus was hilarious! And packed! People were standing as there were no seats left but everyone was singing Celtic songs.. drunk or not. Best bus trip I was on. I was nearly pulling my hair out trying to decide where to sit in Park Head, with the little choice I had. But they were actually great seats we could see the whole match and my boyfriend was delighted with them too which was a big relief to me! After the match we stayed around took a few photo's outside and met two Celtic players and the Ambassoder of the club!I didn't do any shopping because it wasn't that type of trip, afterall it was the boyfriends Christmas present. It was a great weekend and I will definitely be back! 


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