Tuesday, October 22, 2013

'This or That' Beauty Tag

*Image- Myloveforxx.blogspot.ie
Blush or Bronzer - Bronzer definitetly
Lipgloss or Lipstick - Lipstick.. lasts longer and it's not sticky!
Eyeliner or Mascara- Eyeliner.. my eyes feel bare without it
Foundation or Concealer - Foundation
Neutral or Color Eyeshadow - Colour
Pressed or Loose eye shadows - Pressed
Brushes or Sponges - Brushes
O.P.I or China Glaze - O.P.I
Long or Short- long.. love a set of claws!
Acrylic or Natural - Acrylic
Brights or Darks- it's a hard one.. brights
Flower or No Flower- No flower! 
Perfume or Body Splash- Perfume
Lotion or Body Butter- Body butter.. especially from The Body Shop
Body wash or Soap - Body wash
LUSH or Other Bath Company - LUSH!!
Jeans or Sweat pants- Jeans
Long sleeve or Short- short, long sleeves through the winter
Dresses or Skirts- Dresses, I feel about 12 when I wear skirts!
Stripes or Plaid- plaid
Flip flops or Sandals - Sandals
Scarves or Hats - Scarves
Studs or Dangly Earrings - Studs, I feel so weird wearing dangling ear rings
Necklaces or Bracelets- I can't choose between the two!
Heels or Flats- Flats but obvioously love some heels on a night out
Jacket or Hoodie- Jacket
Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe - Forever 21, never heard of the other one!
Abercombie or Hollister- I don't shop in either but I think Hollister..

Curly or Straight- straight
Bun or Ponytail- ponytail
Bobby pins or Butterfly clips - bobby pins
Hair spray or Gel- hairspray definitely.. 
Long or Short- long!
Light or Dark- light 
Side sweep bangs or Full bangs- to the side..
Up or Down- down , i always wear my hair down!
→ Random
Rain or Shine- Shine obviously 
Summer or Winter- Winter.. we never get a proper Summer in Ireland
Autumn or Spring- Autumn
Chocolate or Vanilla- Chocolate.. yum!

I don't usually do these type of posts but I came across this and loved it so I wanted to do one myself. And because I have reached 200 followers through GFC I thought this would be a fun post so you can all know me a little bit! So there you go my first tag, I tag all of you to do it and if you do leave your link below so I can have a nose!

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  1. Congrats on 200 followers. I do like reading these sorts of posts, another winter lover too!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

    1. Awh thanks! people think i'm mad but i love cosy nights in & chunky cardigans! :) xx

  2. Replies
    1. Let me know if you do! I love reading them x


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