Thursday, September 5, 2013

New Look - Boots

I was s on a roll last week blogging to my hearts content! Unfortunately towards the weekend I became sick which ruined my whole weekend. This week I've been up to my eyes in work I've gotten loads of hours which I'm not complaining about. But its been a bit of a mental week so far compared to last week. During the week myself and my siser booked a workshop for next Sunday, it's all about the eyes. I'm so so excited to do it, refresh my memory and learn some new tips and tricks! I love seeing what makeup is in other makeup artists kits too. Anyway, that's what I have up to lately due to my lack of blogging sorry girls! But I do have some posts lined up so be sure to keep checking my blog! Onto the boots..

I am super excited to wear Autumn/Winter clothes.. especially shopping! Theres just something about Winter clothes shopping I love! I was in absolute need of a nice pair of ankle boots. Something I could wear casually during the day not looking too done up and something I could wear for casual drinks in the pub! Yes, I love a few drinks and I don't always like dressing up everytime I head to the pub.. Theses were perfect for what I needed. I love the height of the heel, it's not too small and it's nice too high. The buckles and cut out part are my fave part they make the boots look more 'dressy'
They only cost €29.99 which is a great price for such good quality boots. I can see myself wearing these a lot during the Autumn/Winter months. 

Unfortunately I'm working all weekend.. all lates too! But I suppose it's a good way to save my money because I've lots of things coming up the next few months, birthdays, Christmas and I'm hoping to do a few photo shoots for my portfolio! And I'm going to a Beauty show! I've never been to it before so I'm really looking forward to it and I want to do lots of saving, I'm planning to get myself a new makeup kit and few other bits. Sooo excited. 

Have you started A/W shopping yet?


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