Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I'm Qualifed!

*Sneak peek from my photo shoot!

Hey girls, hope everyone is well! I've been away from blogging the past few weeks I had lots of posts planned for my blog but unfortunately things came up, and I got more hours in work. But I can't complain because more money means more makeup! Speaking of makeup and you probably guessed by the title of my post and photo's.. Today I got my results from college and I'm delighted to announce I am now a qualifed makeup artist!
I'm over the moon! I wasn't expecting to be getting the results today until a class mate told me she got her results. For about an hour I was refreshing my mails waiting to get that dreaded mail. It was very nerve wrecking! Incase your a new follower I'll fill you in.. 

I studied Professional Makeup Artistry in Vanity X Academy. The course was 14 weeks and it was two nights a week from 7-9.30. I did it along with my sister, who also passed! Woohoo! Anyway, the course included day time, evening, era's, glamour, male, mature, introduction to special affects makeup. I have a huge passion for makeup I've always had an interest in and I was hooked into watching YouTube channels like pixiwoo, SWalkerMakeup, Kandee Johnson and many more. I had some knowledge going into the class but there was a few things that I wanted to learn about more like filling and shaping eyebrows, how to contour properly and the worse of all gel liner! 

It's amazing looking back on the work I've done throughout the course and seeing how much I improved. I had a few different tutors throughout the course, which had it's ups and downs but it was great to see how different makeup artists work and get new tips and tricks. It was the best decision I made doing this course, it also helped my confidence big time. I'm a very shy person and bit ashamed to admit I haven't got great confidence in myself! But this course has helped me so much interacting, making new friends, the makeup industry is a whole different world! At the moment I'm going to stick working away with H&M and start doing freelance makeup and getting in touch with photographers to build up my port folio. I'm hoping to do some work experience as well to help me build my confidence and it's something I can put down onto my C.V

If your have a big passion for makeup like myself go and do a course! It's a qualification and it's something you can always fall back on in times like today. If you just want to do makeup for yourself I wouldn't recommend doing a part time course, definitely go to a qualifed makeup artist. You'll pay so much money for a course and you'll end up dropping out. Rememeber these courses your being graded throughout classes, written exams, homework, everything! A lot of time and effort goes into the course and because it was only 14 weeks it feels like one minute you have no homework and the next you've tonnes to catch up on! Unfortunately, my graduation isn't til the start of November, that will be when I get my Diploma! But in the meantime I'm going to concentrate on makeup looks! 


  1. I always wanted to become a makeup artist so I am very jealous! Exciting you have your graduation to look forward to as well!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

    1. There's a lot of courses out there you should look up a few if your interested:) xx

  2. Just found your blog through Harietts from byootee's FF! Congratulations! The make up you've done looks fab, new follower.

    Hannah xoxo

  3. Aww congratulations on passing!! I'm not surprised though - this make-up look absolutely beautiful, you have skills!!

    Holly Mixtures

    1. Awh your comment made my day thanks so much:) xx

  4. Such gorgeous makeup :)


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