Friday, August 23, 2013

Current obsession | INGLOT

Theres one thing that I absolutely love and that is buying new makeup! There literally is no better feeling, especially for my makeup kit! Inglot has been in my local shopping centre for I don't know how long and a few weeks ago was my first time in the shop.. would you believe that? I'm constantly in the shopping centre and I've only set foot once in the shop! From friends and people in college I've heard great reviews on this brand and I have been always dying to try them out. I literlly wanted everything they had to offer from foundation to body pigments. Since I'm gradually building my makeup kit I'm always on the look out for good brands with good prices. Inglot seem to have a lot of different offers on and my luck these palettes were only €15 each! So for €30 I picked up 5 concealers and 5 lipsticks? Where can you go wrong! With the help of the girl on the counter she gave me the basic & popular lipstick shades. Before I go buying bright colours I really need to get all my basics in my kit like neutral eyeshadows etc. 

The first lipstick is really pale but it can be mixed with any of the other lipsticks in the palette and that's mostly what I do! I love mixing two products together even blushers. So I got a really pale shade, two pinks, a gorgeous orange toned lipstick and a red. Can't go wrong with a classic red lipstick and your bound to find someone wanting a red lip! I got a colour corrector in the concealer palette, two pink tones & 3 yellow tone concealers. Because these were only costing me €30 I decided on getting a gel liner. I was using liquid eyeliners and now since my course I have been hooked on using gel liners I am literally obsessed! I already have a black gel liner so I decided to pick up a brown gel liner for my bridal looks in college. Brown gel liners are great when you really want your eyeshadow to pop rather than your liner and it's gorgeous on brides.

I am really impressed with the quality of these products for their price. They last all day and when I tested them out for myself I didn't have to touch anything up! The palettes can be refilled when there used up for €5 too which is not bad compared to other brands. My next purchases out of Inglot will be some eyeshadows and a new gel liner. If you haven't tried any Inglot products before I recommend you do and keep your eyes peeled for their great offers! 


  1. great palettes!!! would you like to follow eachother?

  2. I'm dying to try some Inglot, but I can't narrow down my list lol

    Stacey x


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