Friday, August 16, 2013

College Work - Smokey Eye

Hey girls, hope your all having a good week. Feels like I haven't been blogging in so long! I've been away on holiday the past two weeks with my boyfriend which I will post about sometime next week. I didn't get home til midnight on Monday and I was in my course the following day and I was back to work Wednesday! Definitely feeling the holiday blues.. Yesterday was my last class in college, I had two written exams and a practical exam. I'm hoping I did enough to pass so fingers crossed! And I'm delighted with how my look turned out last night, gel liner is one of my weaknesses and thanks to my new brush (and lots of practicing) I got it spot on, yay! Next week I've photo shoots that I'm a bit nervous about. 3 looks one after the other, eek! Since my course is coming to an end I thought I'd give you all a peak at some looks I did in class and at home. I'm hoping my sister doesn't mind me putting these photo's up! She has her own blog to just click here to check it out. She has done some gorgeous looks to in class. Before class I picked up a new foundation palette for my make up kit as I needed it for my photo shoots next week. I now have all my basic's in my kit, finally! It takes so long to build up a make up kit but I'm getting there slowly but surely.. Oh, and I'd like to say thanks to my new followers without you I wouldn't be close to nearly 200 followers! yay! Anyway onto the look.. this is the first smokey eye I did in class. It's a look I always do on myself so I had a bit of practising already! Before I start.. I didn't give enough time for the eyelashes unfortunately! So if you'd like to know how I achieved this look keep reading..

The Face:
I started with the primer all over the face, I used the primer from the college kit which is a catrice primer. I then applied the foundation all over the face, concealed under the eyes and covered any blemishes. I used a translucent powder to set the foundation AND the concealer. It's so important to set the concealer in place as throughout the day it can appear cakey and you don't want them blue lines popping out! I then took a Rimmel bronzer, it was very light so I had to apply more until I got the bronzed look I wanted. I applied a peachy colour blush.

The Eyes:
Prime the lids and once it's dry apply a base colour, this should alway be a matte ivory/cream colour to set the primer. I contoured the eye using a light brown and blended it out with a clean eyeshadow blending brush. I went over it with a medium brown to darken the look. Next I used a peach eyeshadow with a tiny hint of shimmer on the lid and I highlighted right above the darker brown with an orange eyeshadow to bring the look together. *Make sure your using a clean brush when blending the eyeshadow. Lots of blending is key to this look as you want to get rid of the harsh lines making the colours go in together.

Gel Liner:
I used an angled brush and gel liner. I applied a thin line as my base and went a bit thicker but not too much and brought it out to create a small flick. I use to struggle bad with applying liner so if your in the same boat practice is key! You will see yourself improving.

The Lips:
I took a nude lip pencil and a nude lipstick and clear gloss. For this look I wanted the attention on the eyes so a nude lip is essential. *If your going for a statement lip colour keep the eyes looking simple

The Brows:
For the brows I used an eyeshadow to fill them, always use a colour thats the same colour of your eyebrows.

The Lashes:
I like to stick the middle part of the lashes on first so that way the two ends sit nice and snug once it's dried. Leave the lashes to set for a minute or two keeping your eyes closed!

I contoured the face using my naked flushed palette. Always start at the top of the ear to the end of the brow. This should always be your guideline

I used a soft pink for my blush to the apples of the cheeks and blended it into the contour.

And there you have it! A brown smokey eye.. this is one of my favourite looks. All the shadows I used for this are from MAC but you can use these techniques using whatever colour you wish. f you would like to know what I used just leave a comment! x

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