Wednesday, August 28, 2013

MAC MSF&Paint Pot

Hey girls! Sorry about the delay of this post today. The past two days I've tried uploading photo's on this and it's literally taking a half an hour to load one! If you have me on Twitter you probably seen me tweeting about this lol. Anyway I got my photo's loaded in the end yay! It was my first pay day from coming back off my holidays so I decided to treat myself, I went shopping on Sunday with my boyfriend and of course because I dragged him shopping I talked him into going to the pub after to watch a football match. I couldnt say no after I was dragging him back and forth into shops complaining that I couldn't get any nice tops! In the end the clothes I did buy I'm bringing back.. WHY can I not find any nice clothes?! All the new season is literally sold out but I'm planning on going shopping tomorrow since I've nothing left in my wardrobe after getting rid of tonnes of stuff the other day. Hopefully I will find a few things I like tomorrow! I had BT2 gift card and there was still some money left on it so I decided to spend the rest and picked up these two beauties!

I have the Mac Mineral Skinfinish in Gold Deposit a good while now and I absolutely love it! So I HAD to get another one. As you've read before I'm trying build up my makeup kit so I wanted all the basics to start out with. I am obsessed with highlighters, they make such a difference to your makeup and it gives an illusion of a structured cheekbone. MACs Soft&Gentle is a well known product to a lot of makeup artists and I guarantee you they have it in there kit. These photo's were taking off my iPhone so they don't do it any justice. It's a cream colour with a silver/gold pigment and believe me it looks amazing on! I only got this on Sunday and I have been using it since.

When it came to the Paint Pot I was stuck between Painterly and Constructivist. I honestly couldn't decide. Painterly acts as a base as well as a primer and you can use it on any skin type, which is very ideal for my makeup kit. I had my debs back in 2011 and I got my makeup done in MAC the makeup artist used Constructivist on my lid and I absolutely loved it. I have the whole list of products she used on me that day because I loved my makeup. I decided the best one to go for was Painterly because I'm starting out and I need all my basics in first. Unfortunately, she didn't have Painterly but I'm actually delighted I picked this up anyway. I have my Urban Decay primer and a lot of base shadows so that will do for my next pay day! 

These are stunning shades I'm delighted I picked them up. I was like a kid at Christmas in the MAC shop. I couldn't decide whether to get a new lipstick or eyeshadow for myself, I'm so happy I went for these two products. I literally want every Mineral Skinfinish and Paint Pot in EVERY colour! You might be able to tell from this post but I'm a huge lover of MAC. Hopefully one day I will be a MAC girl. Unfortunately, I've to wait a few weeks for my results from college, I'm dying to know how I did, but I will do another course to add to my C.V. I think it's time I start putting myself out there now so if I have any Irish readers I'm doing freelance makeup for any occasion debs,parties,etc. If you liked to see some images of work I've done feel free to leave me an email & I'll send them onto you!

What do you think of MSF&Paint Pots from MAC?
What's your favourite?

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Catrice Primer & Setting Powder

I originally wanted to have this post up yesterday but unfortunately my blogger was acting up and my photo's were taking FOREVER to upload. So I'm behind my little schedule on my blog,boo! But that means there will be more posts to read this week. I can't believe this is the last week of Summer, it went by sooo quick. I had a great summer filled with college, parties, weddings, birthdays and my holiday to Bulgaria. Now that Autumn is nearly here and the new season collections are hitting the shops I'm excited to get my wooly cardies and boots out! Yesterday I sorted out my wardrobe taking all my summer clothes out, putting them away and taking my Autumn/Winter clothes out. My wardrobe looks so empty and dull! I honestly don't know what I'll be wearing until my next pay day. I also got rid of a few things that and I ended up having 5 bags of clothes and 4 bags of shoes, I'm such a clothes hoarder! I done some shopping last Sunday and bought a few bits that I will be posting about sometime during the week, I haven't done a fashion/haul post in so long I think it's time I write one so keep an eye out for it! 

Building a makeup kit is very expensive at the start. You really have to invest in your products but there are times where you really need a specifc produt and theres little funds in the bank. In college we had kits with everything you needed and there was a few Catrice products. Catrice is a super cheap brand mainly aimed at teenagers(i'm guessing) You instantly think that cheaper brands haven't got great quality compared to other brands but you'd be surprised! The great thing about being a student makeup artist is testing and reading up on different products, whats great and whats not. It all depends on what YOU think works well for your kit. 

Primer and translucent setting powder are ESSENTIAL key products in any makeup kit whether it's your own personal makeup. If you have oily skin I reccommend using a primer before applying foundation. A primer will even out your skin tone and your skin will appear more smoother. It's like a barrier that will make your makeup stay on longer and it will stop your oily skin from wiping away your makeup! You'd be surprised that my makeup lasts all day when I use this primer and it is unbelievably so soft when applying. This primer rougly cost around €5 which is so cheap for the great quality that it is.

When it comes to a loose setting powder.. translucent is the best one you can get. Why?! well I'll come across so many different skin types I'd be crazy to have a million setting powders in different shades when I could easily pick this one. It won't change the colour of your foundation and if you have oily skin it will reduce the shine. Applying a setting powder makes it easier to remove any fall outs from eyeshadows or if you get a splash of mascara/eyeliner where it shouldn't be! Believe me it has happend a few times during my course! This powder makes the skin feel super soft you will be amazed. A few years back I used to NEVER set my foundation and I'm cringing at the thought of it now,lol! This cost around the same as the primer too!

My next primer I want to try out is the Smashbox primer,I've heard great reviews on this primer. It's quite expensive so I will wait til I get more work in the makeup industry before buying this product for my kit. Even though these products are so cheap I am happy with the quality of them, I've used them throughout my course and on my photo shoots and that says something! If your looking for a cheap and cheerful primer or setting powder I really recommend these products. 

What's your favourite primer&setting powder?
Have you tried anything from the Catrice range?

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Friday, August 23, 2013

Current obsession | INGLOT

Theres one thing that I absolutely love and that is buying new makeup! There literally is no better feeling, especially for my makeup kit! Inglot has been in my local shopping centre for I don't know how long and a few weeks ago was my first time in the shop.. would you believe that? I'm constantly in the shopping centre and I've only set foot once in the shop! From friends and people in college I've heard great reviews on this brand and I have been always dying to try them out. I literlly wanted everything they had to offer from foundation to body pigments. Since I'm gradually building my makeup kit I'm always on the look out for good brands with good prices. Inglot seem to have a lot of different offers on and my luck these palettes were only €15 each! So for €30 I picked up 5 concealers and 5 lipsticks? Where can you go wrong! With the help of the girl on the counter she gave me the basic & popular lipstick shades. Before I go buying bright colours I really need to get all my basics in my kit like neutral eyeshadows etc. 

The first lipstick is really pale but it can be mixed with any of the other lipsticks in the palette and that's mostly what I do! I love mixing two products together even blushers. So I got a really pale shade, two pinks, a gorgeous orange toned lipstick and a red. Can't go wrong with a classic red lipstick and your bound to find someone wanting a red lip! I got a colour corrector in the concealer palette, two pink tones & 3 yellow tone concealers. Because these were only costing me €30 I decided on getting a gel liner. I was using liquid eyeliners and now since my course I have been hooked on using gel liners I am literally obsessed! I already have a black gel liner so I decided to pick up a brown gel liner for my bridal looks in college. Brown gel liners are great when you really want your eyeshadow to pop rather than your liner and it's gorgeous on brides.

I am really impressed with the quality of these products for their price. They last all day and when I tested them out for myself I didn't have to touch anything up! The palettes can be refilled when there used up for €5 too which is not bad compared to other brands. My next purchases out of Inglot will be some eyeshadows and a new gel liner. If you haven't tried any Inglot products before I recommend you do and keep your eyes peeled for their great offers! 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Review | MAC Face&Body Foundation

Hey girls hope your having a good start to the week. Yesterday I had my second last class in college! I can't believe those 14 weeks are already up, the course flew in. I'm so glad I decided to do it I've learned so much from it and it's definitely what I want to get into as a career. I was beginning to feel quite nervous on my way to college yesterday because we had our first photo shoots. We had a bridal,evening and black & white. As soon as I got into class my nerves actually settled and I was dying to get started. I'm really happy with how the looks turned out on my model and the photo's the photographer took turned out great, I am dying to get them! The room was packed full of people and the heat was unbelievable from straighteners, etc. But thankfully it didn't get the best of me and either did my nerves. I will post photo's soon of these looks. Tomorrow is era and avant garde, I'm still undeceive on both these looks. I've no clue whether to do a 50s or 60s and I'm a bit clueless of creating something for avant garde. I've some idea's but hopefully they turn out well. All suggestions are welcome! 

Since I've started the course we've had a few different tutors and they all used different make up and had different techniques. It was a great way to see how different make up artists work and seeing what products each artist liked to use. It also broaden my knowledge on products I've never heard of and ones that I did hear of but never knew what they were actually for. You couldn't even imagine how much I have learned from watching how they all work. When I started my course the first thing I was dying to learn about was foundation. Reason being I didn't know what skin type I was and I was thinking was I wearing the right colour. As we all know its quite hard to find a specific foundation you like. Imagine trying to find the best one to have in a make up kit!

One of my tutors was doing a demo in class and she was using the MAC face & body foundation. When she applied the foundation it looked so flawless on the models face and there wasn't much concealing to do. After I seen this I was dying to try it out! I always wear MAC studio fix fluid foundation which is a full coverage foundation and when your wearing it, it does feel like your wearing a lot of make up. I was going on my holidays so I wanted something a little lighter for night time and something that would feel fresh but yet giving a nice full coverage. I like to change shades of my foundation every time I run out, I usually change NC35 to NC37. So in face&body I picked up C5 which is similar. I always wear tan so this is much darker than my natural skin tone.

This foundation is water based so when I'm applying the foundation I like to use a stifling foundation brush and then I like to buff it in with my buffing brush. It's a medium coverage foundation but it can be easily buildable which is what I love about this foundation. And it's cheaper than studio fix fluid, not a huge difference in the price but at least it's saving something! Another great thing about this foundation is it's a 50ml. Studio fix fluid is only 30ml and that foundation lasts ages so I can imagine how long face&body is going to last me. There is no SPF in it so it's perfect for photo's.

This foundation is definitely going to be in my makeup kit. It gives a flawless look to the face, it's a 50ml bottle, it's buildable and say goodbye to white face and tanned body! What more could you want?! I know this foundation has been on the market a long time now and I'm sure a lot of you have tried this before. But if you haven't you really should, I'm so impressed with this foundation I think  I will be using it for awhile. It's definitely a must if your heading off on holidays too! 

Have you tried this foundation before?
whats your favourite foundation?

Friday, August 16, 2013

College Work - Smokey Eye

Hey girls, hope your all having a good week. Feels like I haven't been blogging in so long! I've been away on holiday the past two weeks with my boyfriend which I will post about sometime next week. I didn't get home til midnight on Monday and I was in my course the following day and I was back to work Wednesday! Definitely feeling the holiday blues.. Yesterday was my last class in college, I had two written exams and a practical exam. I'm hoping I did enough to pass so fingers crossed! And I'm delighted with how my look turned out last night, gel liner is one of my weaknesses and thanks to my new brush (and lots of practicing) I got it spot on, yay! Next week I've photo shoots that I'm a bit nervous about. 3 looks one after the other, eek! Since my course is coming to an end I thought I'd give you all a peak at some looks I did in class and at home. I'm hoping my sister doesn't mind me putting these photo's up! She has her own blog to just click here to check it out. She has done some gorgeous looks to in class. Before class I picked up a new foundation palette for my make up kit as I needed it for my photo shoots next week. I now have all my basic's in my kit, finally! It takes so long to build up a make up kit but I'm getting there slowly but surely.. Oh, and I'd like to say thanks to my new followers without you I wouldn't be close to nearly 200 followers! yay! Anyway onto the look.. this is the first smokey eye I did in class. It's a look I always do on myself so I had a bit of practising already! Before I start.. I didn't give enough time for the eyelashes unfortunately! So if you'd like to know how I achieved this look keep reading..
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