Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Soft Brown Smokey Eye

I sat down during the week and start messing around with my makeup experimenting with new colours and not so new colours. I usually stick to one technique when I'm applying my eyeshadow and I wanted to try a new technique I haven't done before. I came up with this look using my Stila In The Light palette and only ONE Mac eyeshadow.. such a change for me! I'm literally forever wearing MAC makeup.. Unfortunately, my photo's didn't turn out great because I did this look at night.. in future I will definitely be doing looks during the day! Anyway these will have to do for now. I started off with a base all over my lid, contoured my eye with a light matte brown but I stopped half way, I kept going in with a darker brown and blended it out well. I applied two different shades of gold to just my lid, gently pressing the product. One gold I used  is a very pale colour and the other was a warmer gold. It was my first time mixing two gold shades together and I have to say it works really well together! I tied the look up blending lightly with a clean brush and dusted Rule by Mac slightly on top of the brown. I used Hoola by benefit and a blush from my Crown blusher palette. On my lips I penciled them in with Oak from Mac and a nude lipstick. I took photo's of steps to achieve this look on my phone but they didn't turn out that great so in daylight I will recreate this look. And since the sun has joined us the past week I will do a Summer look! 

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