Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Revlon Colorstay Eyeshadow

Hey girls, I've been having a mental week, I've been working long hours but suppose it's a good thing come pay day! Lately in college we've been getting so much more homework now that were half way through the course, I've so many looks to add to my folder, moodboards and class notes. Very hectic I must say. I've been doing lots of shopping latey because I'm heading off to Bulgaria next week for 2 weeks, so so excited I've had the holiday booked since January and finally the countdown is on yay! And on top of all that I'm trying to get some me time! I never have a minute to myself anymore. I am literally on the go non stop. So I sat down this evening to blog as my 'me time' to unwind.

Today I want to show you this beauty I picked up in Boots a few weeks ago.
I have to admit I'm not one for buying eyeshadows in pharmacies or the likes of Boots.. I love my Mac & Urban Decay but when I was buying my Revlon mascara in boots there was a great deal on which included an eyeshadow palette and out of the small selection I choose this! I am very impressed with how pigmented the colours are. Neutral colours which should be in everyones makeup kit.. I mean where can you go wrong with a matte white eyeshadow? It's a MUST! Use it as your base all over the eye or highlight the brow bone and inner corner of the eyes. As you see it's a gorgeous matte finish that shows up really well in the photo. The top right colour is a quite dark gold color with a hint of a dark green shade and some shimmer added it to. Not a colour I would usually go for but it's different it's gorgeous when it's blended out. The copper gold in the palette has an orange tone to it which I love because i've plenty of gold shades that are quite similar and I'm a big fan of orange toned eyeshadows as I think they are gorgeous on anyone with blue eyes! They really make your eyes pop and stand out, I love them! The palette comes with a medium brown which is a must in all your makeup looks. ALWAYS start off with a medium brown for contouring the eye and then go in with a darker brown to make it looked more defined.. that's if you wish! I have never tried all these colours together which I must actually experiment sometime but if your using a similar palette always use the shadows with a shimmer in it on your lid and any matte colours in the crease. I know some people like a bit of shimmer in the crease but these are quite dark shades they wouldn't look great at all! Even though I got this free as part of some deal in Boots, I would recommend it, I have nothing bad to say about this palette. The shadows last all day, they have great pigmentation and its a neutral eyeshadow palette.. where could you go wrong? 
Have you tried any of these eyeshadow palettes before?
Elaine x

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