Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Review - Revlon Lipbutters

Hey girls. Welcome to my new and improved blog, if your a regular reader you would have noticed I changed around my blog a little and I have renamed my blog to 'MakeupWithElla'
I think my choosen name suits my blog so much better as I want to base my blog mainly around makeup since I'm studying Professional Makeup Artistry and I want my blog to be part of it. In next few weeks I will be putting much more effort and time into my blog I have many makeup looks that I'm dying to post about but today I'm going to stick with a review and tomorrow I will be posting on a makeup look so be sure to check it out! 
I bought these two lipbutters quite awhile ago, I tend to be glued to certain lipsticks go off them and come back to them. Lately, I have drawn myself back to these beauties. I am sure many of you have these lipbutters so you'll know all about them, reason I'm posting about them is the colour. Statement lips are really in trend lately and I love the pigmentation of these lipsticks. I couldn't get a great photo of them swatched unfortunately but the colours came out well enough to show you. 
Looking at 'Candy Apple' you'd think it be quite red but turns out it has a dark pink tone to it, I'm not a crazy fan of red/pink lips so before I apply this, I put a tiny bit of foundation and powder to take the redness out of my lips. The colour comes up more clean and crisp and it's great for achieving the statement lip look. 
'Juicy Papaya' is my favourite. I love lipsticks that have an orange tone they are perfect for everyday wear especially during the summer months. You don't have to block out the colour in your lips to apply this lipstick. Layering the lipstick will do fine and the colour comes out a gorgeous pale orange colour. During the next few weeks I'll post makeup looks using these lipsticks to show you better in photo's.

What's your favourite lipbutter?

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  1. pretty summery shades:)X


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