Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Knowing my skin type

So your probably thinking oh my god another boring moisturiser post! This post is more so a review/why I'm using it, etc. I read so so many posts on different products and many of which don't mention why they're using the product (other than they love it so much) I could do a blog post on anything and tell you it's this and that. Realistically, just because I say I love it and it works well with me it might be different with you. So yeah, this post will go into as much depth and information on my skin type.

I never knew what face products to use from cleanser to moisturisers. I had no idea what skin type I was until I started college! I always thought I had dry skin as it was so flaky on my forehead, around my nose and sometimes a little on my cheeks! But in fact, it was the face wipes I was using to take my makeup off with had left my skin dehydrated. I have to tell you I was shocked and couldn't believe that was the problem. More so it was difficult to hide these flaky bits as at times my makeup would appear a bit cakey! I actually have more oily skin than dry, mainly around my t-zone and the oily skin was causing my skin to break out. Now by reading this you may think my skin was in bits, but it wasn't that bad.

I stopped using my facewipes to take off my makeup and started to use Simple kind to fresh cleanser and toner, and I moisturised well. I was amazed in the difference my skin is in ever since I have stopped using facewipes. Facewipes to me are literally the devil! I will never go near them again, unless I've been out on a night out or being tired. Having said that my skin can still feel a bit dry but that has got to do with the lack of water intake. I really need to start getting into a healthy buzz! That's also key for having flawless skin which I will go through on another post soon. 

Now knowing what skin type I was I really wanted to get a moisturiser that was 'designed' for my skin, personally Nivea is my favourtie brand for moisturiers to shower gels. I really like thick moisturisers but not too thick and the products feel so nice on my skin. Unfortunately, I can never get rid of my oily skin, it's due to an overactive oil gland that I just need to control! I love the size bottle it comes in, I can pop it into my bag to reuse during the day if I'm not wearing any makeup. It cost me roughly €4 I think, I'm not too sure but I know it was cheap enough. It definitely hydrates my skin really well, reduces shine and it gives a fresh feeling to my face. My sister is also doing the same course as myself and since I've switched around my skin care routine she can even notice it!

As I said at the start of the post, it may work differently for you. If your not sure what skin type you are or if you feel your skin is drying out or oily some places, do your research or take a look at the products your using. Are they making your skin irriated thats causing redness? are they drying out your skin? Majority of skin types are oily. If you have any questions feel free to ask! I'm no expert but I certainly know why & how my skin was bad and how I could change it.

What's your favourite moisturiser?
Do you have dry/oily skin?

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  1. Love your blog :D mines very similar to your I think you would love it :D



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