Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Gel Nail Technician

As I mentioned in my last post I did a course on Gel Nails, I passed my exam and now I'm just waiting for my certificate to arrive! I am amongst the nail bitters unfortunately a very bad habit I cannot get out of.. I tried everything even those nail varnishes that are suppose to smell horrible don't even work! Before college I use to love getting my nails done but as I wasn't earning as much I couldn't get them done as often as I'd like. A few weeks back I decided I wanted to do a course and I'm delighted I did now! 

Are you looking into doing a gel/acrylic course? Do your research! There are so many companies that offer these courses, some include kits some don't and some are more expensive than others. I did a lot of research before I choose one. I came across online courses that I was tempted to do but now I'm so glad I didn't. Gel nail is art, practical you need a lot of practice to get it right so I personally don't think an online course would be the one to go for. 

How did I choose the right course for me? I came across a well known company Young Nails, they are worldwide so the certificate is recongised in a lot of places and as a bonus the course cost €550 which is a very good price this included a kit worth €435.

Patience Is Key The class started at 10 am and finished at 3.30pm. For that whole day I just did one set of gel nails. It got very frustrating I have to stay, filing for my was a downfall as I have bitten nails I'm not use to filling and I didn't have a clue to be honest. Then it was learning how to hold the brush correctly applying the gel and getting the perfect smile line. It took nearly 5 trys to get a decent smile line but I got there in the end. The first day out of the 3 days was the hardest because it was the first set of nails I've ever done.

Day two was a second set of gel nails on a different model and gel toes. I flew through this set because as part of the course we had to do ten sets at home to get quicker at it. Gel toes didn't involve in much gel so they didn't take long. The 3rd day was refills on the model from the first day and then the exam.

It was a great course even though it got a bit stressful and frustrating I know exactly where I went wrong and it's amazing how much I've improved. If your thinking or interested in doing a gel nail course I recommend you do, it's a way of earning extra money and it's good to have something to fall back on. I think of it as a little hobby of mine for the momment but in about a years experience I would love to work at a nail bar and do freelance makeup. Luckliy for my I recieved a gel fresher course and nail art course free, I can't wait to learn some new designs! 

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