Monday, June 17, 2013

Blank Canvas Brushes

Small socket Blender- 010
Double Ended Foundation brush- 002
Blending brush- E24

Hey everyone, hope your all well and had a good weekend! This weekend I stayed in, unfortunately I was sick all week but now thankfully I'm feeling much better. I am delighted because I have so much coming up the next few weeks I don't want to be sick! As pay day rolled in I bought my dad his fathers day present, saved some money for paying off my holiday. I had some funds left over so I thought I'd buy something I really need. Since I've started my makeup course I am constantly searching the internet for good websites to buy makeup and brushes. That, and the love for buying things online..theres no better feeling than waking up to new makeup! I heard of Blank Canvas through college so I checked the website out. 

Scrolling through the website I had no idea where to start! They have amazing products at great prices.. You can choose from the brush sets they have to offer some include brush holders too. You can always purchase them individually which is what I did because I'm on a tight budget! In college we were given basic makeup brushes which will we need for every look and of course we can add to the kit to our liking. My college makeup kit comes with one foundation brush which is a stippling brush, I wasn't use to using these brushes at all as I use my Real Technique buffing brush to apply foundation. I came across this double ended foundation & concealer brush costing €9.99. 

In my college kit it contains an eyeshadow brush for applying eyeshadow and one blending brush. I was in need of more blending brushes as it's essential to have a clean brush for blending your eyeshadow. I have to say the brushes from my college kit are brilliant and I will do a separate post on these and where you can purchase them. So from trying to decide what brushes I needed in my kit I decided on getting a small eyeshadow brush for blending in the socket, it's a perfect size for contouring. I also bought another blending brush for the crease, I thought I need a lot of blending brushes in every size for my makeup brush kit. I'm going to be working on every eye shape there is so I need the right brushes. This brush would be great for applying concealer too! The small socket brush cost €3.99 down from €6.99 and the blending brush cost €6.99

The brushes are great quality which I am so pleased with as I wasn't too sure what they were going to be like for such a cheap price. I ordered these brushes Thursday night and they came this morning, I was delighted I wasn't left waiting days and it was a great way to start the week off! If your from the UK or anywhere else Blank Canvas ships internationally too so checking the website out is well worth it, your guaranteed seeing something you want! I can't wait to order more of these amazing brushes. Check out the website here:

Have you tried these brushes before? 
What are your favourite brushes?

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