Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Knowing my skin type

So your probably thinking oh my god another boring moisturiser post! This post is more so a review/why I'm using it, etc. I read so so many posts on different products and many of which don't mention why they're using the product (other than they love it so much) I could do a blog post on anything and tell you it's this and that. Realistically, just because I say I love it and it works well with me it might be different with you. So yeah, this post will go into as much depth and information on my skin type.

I never knew what face products to use from cleanser to moisturisers. I had no idea what skin type I was until I started college! I always thought I had dry skin as it was so flaky on my forehead, around my nose and sometimes a little on my cheeks! But in fact, it was the face wipes I was using to take my makeup off with had left my skin dehydrated. I have to tell you I was shocked and couldn't believe that was the problem. More so it was difficult to hide these flaky bits as at times my makeup would appear a bit cakey! I actually have more oily skin than dry, mainly around my t-zone and the oily skin was causing my skin to break out. Now by reading this you may think my skin was in bits, but it wasn't that bad.

I stopped using my facewipes to take off my makeup and started to use Simple kind to fresh cleanser and toner, and I moisturised well. I was amazed in the difference my skin is in ever since I have stopped using facewipes. Facewipes to me are literally the devil! I will never go near them again, unless I've been out on a night out or being tired. Having said that my skin can still feel a bit dry but that has got to do with the lack of water intake. I really need to start getting into a healthy buzz! That's also key for having flawless skin which I will go through on another post soon. 

Now knowing what skin type I was I really wanted to get a moisturiser that was 'designed' for my skin, personally Nivea is my favourtie brand for moisturiers to shower gels. I really like thick moisturisers but not too thick and the products feel so nice on my skin. Unfortunately, I can never get rid of my oily skin, it's due to an overactive oil gland that I just need to control! I love the size bottle it comes in, I can pop it into my bag to reuse during the day if I'm not wearing any makeup. It cost me roughly €4 I think, I'm not too sure but I know it was cheap enough. It definitely hydrates my skin really well, reduces shine and it gives a fresh feeling to my face. My sister is also doing the same course as myself and since I've switched around my skin care routine she can even notice it!

As I said at the start of the post, it may work differently for you. If your not sure what skin type you are or if you feel your skin is drying out or oily some places, do your research or take a look at the products your using. Are they making your skin irriated thats causing redness? are they drying out your skin? Majority of skin types are oily. If you have any questions feel free to ask! I'm no expert but I certainly know why & how my skin was bad and how I could change it.

What's your favourite moisturiser?
Do you have dry/oily skin?

Monday, June 17, 2013

Blank Canvas Brushes

Small socket Blender- 010
Double Ended Foundation brush- 002
Blending brush- E24

Hey everyone, hope your all well and had a good weekend! This weekend I stayed in, unfortunately I was sick all week but now thankfully I'm feeling much better. I am delighted because I have so much coming up the next few weeks I don't want to be sick! As pay day rolled in I bought my dad his fathers day present, saved some money for paying off my holiday. I had some funds left over so I thought I'd buy something I really need. Since I've started my makeup course I am constantly searching the internet for good websites to buy makeup and brushes. That, and the love for buying things online..theres no better feeling than waking up to new makeup! I heard of Blank Canvas through college so I checked the website out. 

Scrolling through the website I had no idea where to start! They have amazing products at great prices.. You can choose from the brush sets they have to offer some include brush holders too. You can always purchase them individually which is what I did because I'm on a tight budget! In college we were given basic makeup brushes which will we need for every look and of course we can add to the kit to our liking. My college makeup kit comes with one foundation brush which is a stippling brush, I wasn't use to using these brushes at all as I use my Real Technique buffing brush to apply foundation. I came across this double ended foundation & concealer brush costing €9.99. 

In my college kit it contains an eyeshadow brush for applying eyeshadow and one blending brush. I was in need of more blending brushes as it's essential to have a clean brush for blending your eyeshadow. I have to say the brushes from my college kit are brilliant and I will do a separate post on these and where you can purchase them. So from trying to decide what brushes I needed in my kit I decided on getting a small eyeshadow brush for blending in the socket, it's a perfect size for contouring. I also bought another blending brush for the crease, I thought I need a lot of blending brushes in every size for my makeup brush kit. I'm going to be working on every eye shape there is so I need the right brushes. This brush would be great for applying concealer too! The small socket brush cost €3.99 down from €6.99 and the blending brush cost €6.99

The brushes are great quality which I am so pleased with as I wasn't too sure what they were going to be like for such a cheap price. I ordered these brushes Thursday night and they came this morning, I was delighted I wasn't left waiting days and it was a great way to start the week off! If your from the UK or anywhere else Blank Canvas ships internationally too so checking the website out is well worth it, your guaranteed seeing something you want! I can't wait to order more of these amazing brushes. Check out the website here: http://www.blankcanvascosmetics.com/

Have you tried these brushes before? 
What are your favourite brushes?

*This is NOT a sponsered post

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Benefit Cosmetics

Hey girls! hope your all having a good week. It's absolutely gorgeous in Dublin, finally the sun has come out! Unfortunately I'm working all late shifts this week in work so I can't enjoy it that much but I'm getting some sun rays in. If your a regular reader of my blog you will know I'm currently studying Professional Makeup Artistry and as I want to pursue a career in makeup I really need to get to know what makeup is out there, which products/brands I like and which suits my kit best. Another thing is researching makeup artists, I've already been looking up a few, collecting makeup books and I'm so inspired hearing their stories it makes me want to become a makeup artist even more! There are so many great paths I could take in makeup artistry but for now I'm going to focus on my kit the next few weeks and show you all my thoughts on big brand and high street products. So last weekend was pay day and as usual I go shopping, spend a fortune and leave myself broke! But I have to say even though some purchases were impulse buys I'm definitely happy with what I picked up.

 Makeup wise I picked up the Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual, this book is out years but it tells you EVERYTHING you need to know about makeup and the industry. If your starting off in the same path as myself I really recommend you get the book if you haven't got it. Benefits high brow has been on the market a good while now and I was never really pushed on buying it. I knew exactly what it was for I just never picked it up until now.. I really don't know why (I can be so odd at times!) Anyway, it's a gorgeous pale pink that gives your eyebrow a lift. I haven't got much arch in my eyebrows so it makes such a difference. I have always used a white/pale eyeshadow under my brows to finish a look off but this High Brow from Benefit gives your brows a nice clean look whilst giving them the arch you never had. This little beauty is an essential for my kit  and I will definitely pick another one up!

This 'getting cheeky' tester kit is just perfect for the likes of me wanting to try new out products.. not wanting to spend a fortune and being disappointed, this cost roughly €20 which is not bad considering the size bottles and they are €33 to buy normally, obvisously bigger bottles but if I was to buy the seperately it would cost me a fortune. So this little kit contains Posie Tint,Sun Beam and Cha Cha Tint. I love how Posie Tint and Cha Cha Tint can be used on the lips as well as the cheeks. As you can see from the photo, they all come in this liquid form with a brush. Basically you dot them on the cheek over the makeup and blend carefully. Posie Tint is a pale pink colour and Cha Cha Tint is a gorgeous coral colour that I'm crazy about! I did find though when I applied it to my lips it was very strange feeling because the texture is quite watery, it dried in quick enough. The colour came up really nice but if I'm going to use this again it will be over a lipstick, but I think I will stick to using it just on the cheeks! If you haven't got Sun Beam i recommend you get it, I absolutely love it! It's perfect for a day look as it gives such a natural looking glow to the cheeks and you can apply it on the brow bone too which is a bonus for me because I am obsessed with getting my brows a clean and defined look.

I'm a big Benefit lover and the products never fail me, I can't wait for my next makeup shopping spree as there are tonnes of products I want to buy next. If you recommend any products that you think would be essential in my kit please let me know! 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Gel Nail Technician

As I mentioned in my last post I did a course on Gel Nails, I passed my exam and now I'm just waiting for my certificate to arrive! I am amongst the nail bitters unfortunately a very bad habit I cannot get out of.. I tried everything even those nail varnishes that are suppose to smell horrible don't even work! Before college I use to love getting my nails done but as I wasn't earning as much I couldn't get them done as often as I'd like. A few weeks back I decided I wanted to do a course and I'm delighted I did now! 

Are you looking into doing a gel/acrylic course? Do your research! There are so many companies that offer these courses, some include kits some don't and some are more expensive than others. I did a lot of research before I choose one. I came across online courses that I was tempted to do but now I'm so glad I didn't. Gel nail is art, practical you need a lot of practice to get it right so I personally don't think an online course would be the one to go for. 

How did I choose the right course for me? I came across a well known company Young Nails, they are worldwide so the certificate is recongised in a lot of places and as a bonus the course cost €550 which is a very good price this included a kit worth €435.

Patience Is Key The class started at 10 am and finished at 3.30pm. For that whole day I just did one set of gel nails. It got very frustrating I have to stay, filing for my was a downfall as I have bitten nails I'm not use to filling and I didn't have a clue to be honest. Then it was learning how to hold the brush correctly applying the gel and getting the perfect smile line. It took nearly 5 trys to get a decent smile line but I got there in the end. The first day out of the 3 days was the hardest because it was the first set of nails I've ever done.

Day two was a second set of gel nails on a different model and gel toes. I flew through this set because as part of the course we had to do ten sets at home to get quicker at it. Gel toes didn't involve in much gel so they didn't take long. The 3rd day was refills on the model from the first day and then the exam.

It was a great course even though it got a bit stressful and frustrating I know exactly where I went wrong and it's amazing how much I've improved. If your thinking or interested in doing a gel nail course I recommend you do, it's a way of earning extra money and it's good to have something to fall back on. I think of it as a little hobby of mine for the momment but in about a years experience I would love to work at a nail bar and do freelance makeup. Luckliy for my I recieved a gel fresher course and nail art course free, I can't wait to learn some new designs! 

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