Friday, May 3, 2013

May Wishlist!

1. Yellow Top - River Island. 2. Beige Purse- River Island 3. Pink Pencil Skirt-River Island
4.Stila-In The Light 5.Pink Sandal- River Island 6.Black Bag- H&M
7.Sequin shorts- H&M 8.Bowler Hat- H&M 9. Black Dress- H&M

Hey girls! Finally the weekend is here but unfortunately I have to work! But I'm so glad this week is nearly over because it's been so long and I am exhausted from working so many hours but it will be worth it come pay day. If your a regular reader of my blog you will notice this is my first wish list post! I see these posts popping up on blogs and I know you've seen them before but sometimes I come across a few things I'd like myself and hoping to purchase these come pay day. I get paid today but seeing as funds are tight between birthdays and paying course fees I can only buy one of these beauties I'm lusting over! That is until my next pay day.
1.Yellow Top:
Since Summer is finally upon us I want to pop some colour into my wardrobe, neon yellow is my favourite colour at the moment. I absolutely love the V shape detail in this top. You could easily pair it up skinny jeans & sandals or a pair of shorts.
2.Beige Purse  
I bought that purse for my mam in black and she loved it. I did have my eye on it in a neon green but then I seen it in the beige online! A neutral colour that would look well with any outfit, sometimes I like to carry my purse around with me instead of carrying around a heavy bag (depending on where I'm going!) 
3.Pink Pencil Skirt
A few weeks ago I bought a gorgeous cream crop top in New Look and I have been after a skirt that would pair will with it. I came across this skirt in the shop it's only €25 which I think is a bargain. I am dying to get my hands on it!

4.Stila: In the Light
I've seen this palette all over blogs & YouTube and unfortunately it's sold out at the moment! It's a gorgeous palette that can be worn daytime and nighttime. I will be checking the website everyday so I can get my hands on it! Since I'm starting my makeup course I will be building up my freelance kit, I will definitely be investing in some Stila products!

5.Pink Sandals
About a week or two ago I bought a pair of sandals this style in black from Zara. They were definitely out of my comfort zone but they looked so elegant on I love them! Even though these sandals have no support and kill your feet they look fabulous on. These pink sandals from River Island are absolutely gorgeous and perfect for Summer.

6.Black Studded Bag
I know your probably thinking why would you want a black bag during the summer? Well in Ireland we don't really get a proper summer. I just love these style bags, small straps usually annoy me as they can be awkward at times but I love how this comes with a longer strap you can attach to.

7.Sequin Shorts
I love checking out the H&M website to see what is coming into the shop. We do have a book in work for Visual Merchandising but it doesn't have everything in it. And different H&M's don't always get the same garments in. I came across these stunning shorts online and I HAVE to have these! They will be perfect at night time on my holiday. They are on the expensive side but fortunately I have my discount and they will be definitely worth the price.

8.Bowler Hat
I've been after a bowler hat for about a month now! I can't seem to find one in the shops and online they're sold out. I came across this on the H&M website so I am hoping this is going to be stocked in the H&M I work in. I love these hats with dresses and I think it would love nice with a few outfits I've planned for my holiday. I'm going away for two weeks so I've to plan 14 outfits - daytime AND nighttime!

9.Black Dress
On Tuesday I was in work and my manager described this dress to me and immedialty without even seeing it first I said 'put that on hold for me' She brought it down from the delivery and now it sitting in the cupboard in work waiting to be purchased by me! The cut in the front is very very low which I plan on stitching up a little. My boyfriends birthday is coming up soon and we plan on heading out so I think this dress is perfect for the occasion!

I have to say as this is my first 'Wishlist' post I enjoyed writing it and I think I will do one again my next pay day. What do you think of these? What's on your wishlist this pay day?


  1. Fab wishlist, loving the yellow top and pencil skirt. Been after a bowler hat for ages but can't find the right one, must check out H&M

    xo Ellie blog | design

  2. very nice! would you like to follow each other in gfc and bloglovin? let me know!

  3. Nice selection!! would you like to follow each other with GFC and Bloglovin?
    Besos, desde EspaƱa, Marcela♥


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