Friday, May 31, 2013

Lipglosses I'm Loving..

The past few weeks have been hectic I must say, I've been working crazy hours in work but it has definitely paid off. I have done some major shopping the last few weeks and I have tonnes of products & clothes I can't wait to blog about!
So this month during my lacking of blogging stage I started two courses. On the 12th May I started a Gel Nail beginner class which ran over 3 days, I successfully passed my exam and now a qualifed gel  nail technician, yay! On the 14th my sister and I started a Professional Makeup Artistry course, it runs over 14 weeks and we recieve a Diploma after our exams. Soooo exciting! I have never done any makeup course before but I have a great passion for it, I will do a few blog posts on some tips and tricks I learned. Anyway, that's just what I have been doing in a nutshell. Now everything is on track, I can get back into the swing of things!  

Read on to see my thoughts on these lipglosses!

I'm sure your probably thinking 'another Apocolips post' but I just had to share my thoughts on these two beauties with you! I wasn't too sure on what colours to get because every colour in the Apoolips range are gorgeous, in the end I decided I'd like a nude gloss that I could wear on top of a pink lipstick. As you can see in from the photo it looks like a very pale pink but once it's applied to lip alone it can give the 'foundation lip' look, which is not good! But on top of a nice pink shade it gives a gorgeous rich suttle gloss. If your wearing it on it's own I'd recommend putting a powder on your lips before applying the lipgloss as it doesn't last as long.

Red lipglosses/lipsticks aren't something I always tend to go for, but seeing that Makeup Artistry is the career I want to pursue in I'm going to have to explore. I had got Lady Danger from Mac, I know everybody loves this lipstick but personally on me I thought it was too orangey and nothing for me whatsoever. In the photo this lipglosses looks dark pink but it's just the bad lighting, I'm a terrible photographer! I am craaaazy about this colour! It is a very rich red that really stands out with a high gloss on top. Once I tried it on I didn't want to take it off. If your a red lipstick lover, you need to get this! The good thing about this lipgloss it's hard to take off,so it will last a few hours without the need to top up. 

So expect a lot more makeup product reviews and looks here as I'm going to experimenting loads to try figure out what works best for me as a makeup artist and what products I'd like to have in my kit. My last post I did a May wishlist and from that post I mentioned I wanted the Stila In the Light palette, luckily for me it was in stock online and I got my hands on it! I will do a blog post about it sometime next week. 
Enjoy your weekend!


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    1. Thank you:) Of course, following you now:) x

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