Sunday, April 28, 2013

Part 1 | What I've Been Buying

Hey girls! hope your all enjoying your weekend. For a change, I've decided to sit in and chill out this weekend with the boyfriend as we really need to start saving for our holiday and I have his birthday and two courses to pay off.. even though I have no idea how I'm going to manage to save for all of it! Friday night we sat in got a chinese and watched Safe Haven. I have been dying to see this film after reading the book. If anyone hasn't read it I recommend you do! It's the type of book were the story unravels right through the end and finishes with a big twist, who doesn't love those type of books?! Anyway.. I loved the film and lived up to my imagination of how I thought it would have been, few jumpy bits in it but that's what made it. Currently looking for a new book to read so if you have suggestions please let me know! Unfortunately, I work all day Saturday & Sunday at the weekends so last night my boyfriend treated me to an Eddie Rockets after work, yum. After I finish this post I'll be off to get myself ready for another days work, praying it won't be busy today! Friday myself and my boyfriend went shopping and I picked up some beauty products that I can't to show you all but for now onto these..

Nude Magique BB Cream: Finally I've bought myself a BB cream, I've read so many reviews about soo many different ones I really couldn't decide which one to try out. So with the help of my sister I bought this for €15. Quite expensive but it was definitely worth it! I got the light shade because I want to wear it as a primer kind of base under my foundation. After one application I was impressed! I was never into these creams that claimed perfect skin etc., but to my surprise I had flawless looking skin. It gives full coverage and hides blemishes. My skin isn't at its greatest at the moment so this product is key at the moment.

Catrice Eyebrow Pencil: I am bit obsessed with eyebrows and I love trying out eyebrow products. Catrice is a really cheap brand. It wouldn't be my first instinct to use the products but to find this eyebrow pencil at roughly €2 I couldn't say so. The brush on the other end is a bonus. I have really light brows and blonde hair so dark eyebrows makes me look like I have black eyebrows so I picked up the colour for blonde brows. Although, I have to go keep going over it, it doesn't bother me because If I make any mistakes it's easy to fix.

Catrice Gel Eyeliner: Another product I'm obsessed with.. eyeliner! For my debs back in 2011 the mua used a gel eyeliner on me and I absolutely loved it. Since then I was never really bothered about buying one although I really wanted one.. Yes it took me nearly two years to buy this! Madness.. anyway this product cost €4 and for the price it is a decent eyeliner. It's in the colour black jack, I always look for the blackest black because it comes up nicer, anything lighter almost looks grey. I've used it everyday since I've got it and I absolutely love it. Soon tho I will purchase one from Mac and compare the two in a new post.

Overall, I am very impressed with all of these products and I will definitely repurchase them. I finally picked up my first Revlon lipbutters and a few other bits that I will show you all tomorrow! Unfortunately, I had to make this post a little small & quick because I've to go get ready for work! But I just wanted to try do at least one post now at weekends as I always post during the week and I figured most people would sit and look at blogs at the weekend.. like myself! Enjoy the rest of the weekend x 

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