Thursday, April 25, 2013

Sleek Makeup

After using my two Sleek eyebrow kits for awhile, I have been dying to try out more products from the Sleek range. I have my eyebrow kits awhile now and I have used them everyday since it arrived! I've done two separate posts on these one about the products last year, one about the kits here and how I fill my eyebrows in here. Now these posts I done last year so please excuse my bad photography skills! Anyway, Blush is something I'm never really bothered about when it comes to doing my makeup. I never dwell on it too much but now that I want to build up my makeup collection, I want every colour blush under the sun! I came across these Sleek blush by 3 on the website. There were a few palettes to choose from so it was hard to make a decision of which one to buy, after doing a little research online I decided on the palette 'Sugar'. These are colours I would never go for, but considering I want to build my makeup collection I'm going to have to experiment! It's the only way. The first two blushes are red-toned - way out of my comfort zone, but surprisingly gorgeous sutle colours once applied. The third is an orange toned which doesn't look too orange on but a peachy sort of shade. There the type of Blushers you need to keep blending and applying to build up the colour but this is why I love them because it's quite difficult to correct a dark blusher. With these I don't have to worry about that.

Lipgloss.. another product I need to build up on! And again a makeup product I'm never to bothered about. I would gladly go a day without lipgloss but now I'm trying my best to top it up as the day goes by so I get use to the feel of it. I'm more of a lipstick person as I find them more comfortable to wear. I find some lipglosses too sticky and heavy at times. I came across a few great reviews on this lipgloss so when I seen it was in stock I had to get it! As you can tell it's rich in colour and it has a gorgeous shine when it's applied, but it's not too much. 
I bought all my Sleek Makeup products on This is an Irish website which is brilliant for products you can't get in shops near you. A lot of times I've checked this website and they had Sleek products on sale. Delivery is so so so cheap too which is a bonus! If any of my Irish readers or followers haven't visited this website before, DO! 
I have a few posts lined up including makeup tutorials using all makeup products I have reviewed already so keep an eye out. Check out my blog tomorrow for a new post!

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  1. I really need some sleek products these look amaze! Xx


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