Friday, March 1, 2013

What I've Been Buying..

Bag- H&M €9.95
Pink Necklace New Look- €7.99
Black Necklace New Look- €11.99
Sunglasses River Island- €13.00

Lately, I have been on a big spending urge! Of course when pay day comes you must spoil yourself.. but sometimes I get a bit carried away. I have to say the past few weeks I have picked up tonnes of new stuff from hair extensions, accessories and new clothes! So today, I want to show you some accessories I picked up recently. Myself and my boyfriend are heading off to the sun for two weeks the end of July and already I have been collecting! I'm sure by the time summer is here my suitcase will probably packed, that's how excited I am! I will admit that nearly everything.. well everything in this photo are all impulse buys that I am very happy I purchased.. I will get so many uses out of them and they weren't that expensive either so it's keeping me and my bank account very happy.

I love anything with patterns from clothes to bags.. and when I stumbled across this gorgeous leopard print bag in work I just had to buy it. Although, when I first saw it I told myself no I don't need it but when I realized it was only €9.95 I could not resist! This will be perfect for when I go on my holidays as the material is like beach bag style but it works so well. It's a perfect size that will fit my makeup and camera in so I can't complain.

The sunglasses.. they don't look that great in the photo but when they're on they have the winged kind of look. Very vintage and different. I wasn't planning on getting a pair of black sunglasses for my holidays but once I try them on and I like them.. I have to have them! 

I am obsessed with necklaces, I think they really make an outfit come together and I love contrasting colours with outfits and necklaces. Luckily for me when I was paying for the necklace I was told it was buy one get one free that day so quickly browsing through the accessories in the shop I came across the black necklace. I love wearing long necklaces with simple and plain outfits as it adds a nice casual touch! 


  1. These are gorgeous, I especially love the black necklace. They will look fab on your hols too xx

  2. You have picked up some great buys, I love the coral necklace :)

    Tanesha x

  3. oo lovely photos, that pink necklace is super cute :) xxx

  4. That pink newlook necklace is sooooo nice! Xx

  5. very nice!!!
    thanks for sharing!!!


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