Wednesday, March 13, 2013

That Fresh Feeling..

Today I want to show you all the skincare products I like to use and some new products I've picked up.
 I have been using the Garnier Fresh Essentials toner and cleansing milk for quite awhile now. It makes my skin healthy and a clear appearance. I like a fresh smell when I'm applying any type of skin care products instead of a 'smelly' fragrance.I used to have very bad skin because I do wear a lot of makeup so I wanted to look after my skin a bit more. Afterall, it's how you get that flawless look. Often creams and toners can dry my face out even more but these don't! I buy them time after time and still impressed with good results. The Johnson&Johnson holiday skin I have used before and with these products that claim they'll give you a gorgeous natural looking tan, I don't really fall for it. But this product actually works! After 3 or 4 days of applying onto my skin I was left with a light natural tan. Since I'm going away I want to get some sort of prep before I  go because I really don't want to be like a ghost going over, my boyfriend gets a dark tan after just one day of sitting in the sun and I don't really want to be put to shame! So I've decicded to buy this again and use it up until I go on holidays, considering doing a cheeky sunbed too. I know they have their pros and cons but one or two before I go won't hurt.. well hopefully! For body moisturiser I have been using Nivea soft, this moisturier is simply amazing. It has a thick texture that drys quickly once applied to the skin and leaves you with a nice fresh fragranc and ultra soft skin. Lastly, I have hear of Lacura face moisturier from a friend and my sister. This is from Aldi, now I'm sure when you hear Aldi your probably thinking I'd never buy any creams out of there. Well I first thought that until I was introduced with this, my friend was using it and I could not believe how soft her skin was. It was like baby skin, imagine having that baby skin feeling on your face? Imagine how well would your makeup turn out. I had to go get this product, I was on the look out for a good face moisturiser anyway since I just used the Nivea for the time being. I used it straight away, it has a thick texture but when it's applied it becomes more creamy which makes it more easy to spread. So far I am impressed with it, I'll do a proper review of this product after a few uses.
If your looking for those fresh type of feeling skincare products well these are definitely ones I recommend!
Have you tried any of these? what are your thoughts?
If anyone has tried sunbeds before I'd love to hear your thoughts, as it will be my first time.



  1. Hi Elaine! :)

    Thanks so much for the comment on my post, so sorry for the late reply :( I didn't have any time to update
    my blog since starting work. I really appreciate your comment <3 Love your blog to girlie! following it right now :P


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