Saturday, February 16, 2013


I had planned to write this post a few weeks ago but I'm only getting around to it now as I have been super busy with college! I study Dental Nursing and I had occupational first aid to do this week. It only went on for three days but I felt as if my head was going to explode because everything was crammed in! Anyway.. we had a written and practical exam and I passed woo! I am officially a first aider! I took this weekend off work as well so I am planning to take a few outfit snaps now that I have a bit of extra time on my hands. A few weeks ago myself and the boyfriend went for a few drinks in the local! We hadn't gone out since Christmas because we booked a holiday to Bulgaria so we we're saving for that.. In my last post I mentioned this top and skirt.. I have to say I love this outfit it's so comfy and I didn't need much jewellery to bring the look together.
I am a big lover of this crop tops they go so well with pencil skirts, the top is from New Look and it cost around €12. The skirt is from Republic and it cost €20 but for some reason or other I got it for €16.. love when that happens! The shoes are replicate of Jefferey Campbells (I am not made of money! wish I was haha) They cost roughly €25 and I got them in good oul Penneys! Surprisingly they are my most comfiest shoes as they is such a big platform on them, so they're not that high. I never come across much OOTN posts on blogger so I think I will start posting more myself!
 Have a great weekend everyone x


  1. You look amazing! That outfit is absolutely gorgeous especially the skirt!
    Also, very jealous of your hair lovely :) xxx

  2. You are absolutely stunning! Beautiful hair , make up and outfit xxx


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