Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Glinda Palette..

Two weeks ago it was mine & my boyfriends two year anniversary, awhhh! We went out for dinner and the pub for some drinks, typical us! The night before we went shopping and  he decided to get me my two year present then. Shop after shop.. and by that I mean going into the same shop about a million times, I decided I wanted some new makeup and walking into Urban Decay with new makeup palettes released.. how could you say no?!
Spending a good twenty minutes staring at new palettes I was begining to grow on the two 'The Great and Powerful' palettes. One palette contained bright and shimmery colours.. something I wouldn't leap at! The other was darker tones of browns, what I'd usually go for. So spending time looking at theses palettes a sales assistant gave me a hand picking out which one to go for.. I decided to for the brighter palette for a change. I am sick of wearing cream, nude and browns so I wanted to splash some colour into my dull makeup box! With every Urban Decay palette your bound to get either lipstick, primer or mascara which I love! This palette came with a gorgeous high gloss lipstick in a pencil form. Different packaging to usual lipsticks but it's what makes it unusually amazing!

What's great about this palette is that the eyeshadows can be replaced when they're used up and the price was reduced at the time due to this. Usually in palettes like these they're tiny refills but these are quiet deep! It wasn't too pricey €40 but considering it was on special it may be more expensive now. I love how there's three matte eyeshadows and three shimmer eyeshadows. I anytime I wear any eyeshadow with a glitter pigment, I make sure I wear two matte colours along with it to tone it down.
These colours are perfect for Spring/Summer time, I love changing my makeup once the warmer seasons are here. I can get sick of heavy makeup during the Winter.

These are the top three eyeshadows in the palette.
From left to right -Tornado, Aura, Magic.
As yo can see the gorgeous high shine off the first two and the matte pink. Sometimes I find pink shades, too pink or too light but this shade is just perfect for what I like.
The shine off the eyeshadows once the light hits is simply gorgeous! 

...& these are the bottom three eyeshadows
From left to right -Illusion, Oz, South
The first one is a peachy colour which is my favourite out of the six! It can be used as a base colour and it goes with anything. The second is a high shimmer silver shade, very glamorous colour and the last is a darker grey colour.
This is such a great palette with amazing bright colours, I recommend it to anyone!

Saturday, February 16, 2013


I had planned to write this post a few weeks ago but I'm only getting around to it now as I have been super busy with college! I study Dental Nursing and I had occupational first aid to do this week. It only went on for three days but I felt as if my head was going to explode because everything was crammed in! Anyway.. we had a written and practical exam and I passed woo! I am officially a first aider! I took this weekend off work as well so I am planning to take a few outfit snaps now that I have a bit of extra time on my hands. A few weeks ago myself and the boyfriend went for a few drinks in the local! We hadn't gone out since Christmas because we booked a holiday to Bulgaria so we we're saving for that.. In my last post I mentioned this top and skirt.. I have to say I love this outfit it's so comfy and I didn't need much jewellery to bring the look together.
I am a big lover of this crop tops they go so well with pencil skirts, the top is from New Look and it cost around €12. The skirt is from Republic and it cost €20 but for some reason or other I got it for €16.. love when that happens! The shoes are replicate of Jefferey Campbells (I am not made of money! wish I was haha) They cost roughly €25 and I got them in good oul Penneys! Surprisingly they are my most comfiest shoes as they is such a big platform on them, so they're not that high. I never come across much OOTN posts on blogger so I think I will start posting more myself!
 Have a great weekend everyone x

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