Thursday, January 3, 2013

Review | Mac 'Cyber' Lipstick

This is my first of 5 Mac products I have bought recently that I want to do separate reviews on. This lipstick is the most vibrant colour I have added to my lipstick collection, I often go for different types of pinks and nudes. I wanted something that stands out that I could wear mostly going out a night. When I was shown this colour first I automatically thought it is too dark and that it wouldn't suit me. I was then shown a lighter purple, more a pinky but it wasn't the colour I was after. So I then took a second look at 'Cyber' and tried it on. To my surprise for such a drastic colour, I was impressed. The shade was exactly what I had in mind, it was dark but yet a gorgeous purple colour. It has a satin formula which is smooth when applying, it doesn't feel sticky in anyway. It lasts for hours and it doesn't wipe off easily or stick onto glasses which is ideal for a night out, especially for me as I am not the one for reapplying my lipstick a million times on a night out. I tried it out the day I bought it to see how long it will last and how many times I have to reapply it instead of trying it out on a night out because I would just be too drunk to notice! Throughout the day I reapplied the lipstick twice. Yes, TWICE! Oh, and please excuse the bad photo of me it's the only decent one I have wearing the lipstick! It cost €18
Overall, I am never disappointed with any Mac lipstick I have bought. I'm delighted I took a second look at this in the shop because it is now my fave! I cannot wait to wear it on a night out! I have an unconditional love for Mac lipsticks so please if you have any favourites or suggestions?! Have you tried Cyber? What are your thoughts on this lipstick?


  1. This looks SO scary in the bullet but it looks gorgeous on you!! It's amazing that you only had to reapply it twice as well!!xxx

    1. I know when the girl at the counter handed me it I was like wow that's too dark! But when I tried it on I liked it:) Thank you!:) Xx

  2. This lipstick looks gorgeous on you!xx


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