Monday, January 7, 2013

New Year Resolutions 2013


I know I am a week late on this post but as I mentioned in a previous post, I had no New Year Resolutions but due to a very long and stressful week.. I have done a lot of thinking and I have come up with some realistic resolutions, yay! Nearly every year I say to myself I  will stop biting my nails but years on I have came to realize that will just never happen for me, oh well. Anyway, after having a big long chat with my lovely boyfriend, I thought to myself there is a few things I need to change and improve on. So I am hoping 2013 will be my year.. new year new me.. very cheesy I know! So I am going to share with you all my New Year Resolutions and come next year I will take a look at this post and see how many I achieved. 2013 let's have ya!

New Bedroom
I keep saying to myself I am going to bedroom, instead of blowing my money on clothes I'm going to get new chest of drawers, photo frames, curtains, wallpaper everything to transform my room into a shabby chic vintage room! 

When it comes to pay day I am a devil for blowing it all on clothes and on other bits and bobs I don't necessarily need! Instead I will make a budget for buying new clothes when I get paid, that way I will get into the habit of saving and not having the worry of no money left when a rainy day comes along..

Be More Organised
I have to be the most unorganised person ever! Messy room, messy notes, messy college work, everything you name it! I am going to go out and buy myself a 2013 diary(very posh) and get myself organised. Being organised will definitely make everything more easier and it will give me some piece of mind!

I want to expand my blog a bit more and put more effort into taking photo's. I personally think pretty photo's on a blog makes such a difference to someones blog. I love scrolling through a blog looking at photo's. I want to make my blog a bit more interesting to read.
I am open to advertising on my blog and mentioning other blogs. 

Now I am not going to jump on the New Year resolution saying I want to go to the gym.. 
I am going to start back swimming. I absolutely love going for a nice swim, your working every muscle in your body while swimming so it will keep me fit!

College Work
I am currently in my first year of Dental Nursing and as I got off to a rocky start of stress and the likes I want to start fresh and put my head down, study hard and pass my final year 1 exam in March/May to get into year 2. It is going to be a tough two/three months but with a bit of motivation and eager hopefully I will get there!

Healthy Eating
Yes, the healthy eating buzz everyone wants to do after the Christmas! I am not trying to loose wait or anything but in order to get stuck into college work my diet does affect it. So I want to start eating healthier lunches and having a breakfast every morning. I am the worse for leaving out breakfast!

Positive Thinking
I can be a very negative person at times which I really need to stop! I will get absolutely no where if I don't break my old habits without positive thinking. It will help me get through my bad days and make my good day even better! I think this should really be on everyone's list to achieve New Year goals.



  1. Good Luck with your resolutions! I totally agree I love having a nosey at lots of pictures on a blog :)

    1. Thank you! me too it's what i look for when searching for new blogs to read:) xx


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