Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas & New Year.

Finally I have gotten around to writing a Christmas post! So I am a bit on the late side with this post, I know everyone will be posting about New Year resolutions but for me every year I decide on a New Year resolution and I never really stick by it. Anyone else in the same boat? Maybe I'll try think of something more decent and realistic but in the meantime I will blabber on about how my Christmas went. Christmas is my favourite time of the year! I love spending time with the family and seeing everyone open their Christmas presents especially the little ones! Christmas Eve I was in work which I didn't mind because everyone was in a festive mood, every Christmas eve in my house we chill out in new Pj's and watch Christmas films. What other better way is there to spend it? I'm such a big kid and of course I woke up at a ridiculous time..6 in the morning! Could not go asleep and I was up for the day.. Around 9 the rest of the house woke up and we opened our pressies! My mam and dad got me a new laptop which I was in need of for college, plus my keyboard on my laptop had missing letters so this had me less interested in writing anymore blog posts because it took so long! Christmas day included a yummy full Irish in the morning, Christmas dinner,wine flowing music blaring and drunk up singing til I don't know what time! My boyfriend spoiled my rotten, to my surprise he got me Rihanna tickets which I could not get over! Here's a pic of some my lovely presents! How adorable is my penguin teddy? Their my fave animal so I thought it was really cute when I opened this! I've got tonnes more lovely presents which I want to do separate posts on, I have also gone on a major shopping spree which I am dying to show you all what I picked up! I hope you all had a great Christmas! & Happy New Year x


  1. you will love the naked2 pallette, i use mine evryday almost :) x

    1. I've been dying to get my hands on it,I've used it everyday since I've got it:) trying to find a few tutorials online tho! x


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