Friday, January 18, 2013


Monochrome is most definitely my fave new trend of Spring 2013. It's funky, classic and edgy. It is so easy to mix & match as black and white are such neutral colours. It is easy to splash some colourful accessories, such as bags & shoes to break it up or you can just stick to the theme. This is what I have picked up in the last few weeks. I haven't got a favourite out of what I picked up because I absolutely love them all! The pattern & material are amazing which make a big difference in the appearance, I mean who wants cheap looking clothes?!

The Skirt
I I am a BIG lover of Houndstooth since my sister introduced me to it. At first I wouldn't say I was crazy about it but the more I seen it I fell in love. It's a pattern where you can either go casual and edgy or elegant and classy. Dress it up with the lace patterned top I have paired with it, red lipstick and Jeffrey Campbell or a classic platform heels. Dress it down with a chunky cardigan, orange for a funky look or black if you want to play it safe and a pair of flat ankle boots!

The Lace Top
This summer I am heading away with my boyfriend and I think this lace top will go perfect with a summery skirt and a pair of sandals as a night time look. I love the lace design and the soft material. My fave part of this top is the almost see through part at the back. Better start hitting the sun beds!

The Dress
 Well.. I think it speaks for itself, funky pattern and a gorgeous mid-length. I have been after these mid-length dress for going out but I didn't want a plain one so I was delighted when I came across this beauty! I'm going to pair this up with my replicate Jeffrey Campbells and my Mac Cyber lipstick. If you want to check out this lipstick click here.

The Shirt
This shirt looks better on than what it does sitting on the hanger. I love how perfect the length is as it covers everything so you can wear with leggings. Personally, I can never wear leggings without a long lop or cardigan! I wore my white doc martens and broke the black & white up with a pale pink bag and scarf. Check out the Cyber Lipstick review. I am wearing this in the photo!

Another piece I am loving from the Monochrome are the peplum leather dresses. Peplum style tops and dresses are very flattering. As I mentioned in a previous post, I will be blogging more and I think I will do more fashion related posts. Sometime this week I will have an OOTD post, exciting! 
Enjoy your weekend!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Benefits POREfect Radiance

Whilst browsing through Debenhams website last week I took a sneaky look through Benefits collection. I never buy much from Benefit, a few mascara's here and there but not too often as it is way out of my price range! Although Mac can be a bit pricey, it is a little bit cheaper than Benefit. When I have extra money in my pocket I do like to splash out and try something from Benefit. I came across amazing sets they have at the moment at great prices, at the time I had no money so unlucky for me I didn't get any of them. 
I first heard of Benefits new Porefessional cream and I wanted to see what all the hype was about it. So I was delighted I came across this little set on the website. 
The set includes the Porefessional cream, eye cream and facial emulsion. 
To be honest, when I first seen the set I was all eye's on the Porefessional as I knew exactly what it was for. I knew that the other creams in the set were some sort of face creams but I didn't take much notice.
When I got this set I had a read of it and I have to say I was impressed for just costing me €12.50! And no delivery was a bonus, yay!

I know it's  a bit late with Christmas gone but it is a perfect little gift for someone, even a birthday! It's not all plastic packaging, the creams come in a clear case with a zip that you can keep. It is a perfect size for your bag and you can pop lipglosses, mascara's into it as well! When it was delivered it was well wrapped so the box wasn't damaged during shipping. I hate getting damaged boxes delivered to me!

The POREfessional:
So what does the cream do?
It minimizes the appearance of pores and fine lines for smoother-than-smooth skin.
I wouldn't say I have tonne of pours, I do get the odd few but a smoother skin appearance is definitely what I am after! It comes in a squeezy tube to get all the last bits out! 

It's Potent! Eye Cream:
It works wonders on the delicate skin around the eye area. It fades dark circles & helps smooth fine lines for brighter younger-looking eyes.
I am never too pushed on buying eye cream as I don't have dark circles around my eyes but I was pleased to see the set comes with it so I could try it out. It comes in a glass packaging. 

Triple Performing Facial Emulsion:
SPF 15 PA++ hydrates, protects & comforts the skin with an oil free, lightweight formula. It contains exclusive tri-radiance complex to help develop the skin's reserves of water. Also comes in glass packaging!

This is not a review, I just wanted to show you what the set included, what the creams are for and that I am just really excited to try it out! I will do a review on this about a week or two of trying it out, as I won't get immediate results straight away.. well I will see anyway! The descriptions I have mentioned of these come at the back the box. This is another reason why I love Benefit cosmetics. On the packaging of everything they tell you what it is for and how to apply. Like a little makeup lesson! I have came across amazing sets from Benefit the pass month, I want them all! 

Have you picked up any sets from Benefit over the past month?
Which is your favourite?

Monday, January 7, 2013

New Year Resolutions 2013


I know I am a week late on this post but as I mentioned in a previous post, I had no New Year Resolutions but due to a very long and stressful week.. I have done a lot of thinking and I have come up with some realistic resolutions, yay! Nearly every year I say to myself I  will stop biting my nails but years on I have came to realize that will just never happen for me, oh well. Anyway, after having a big long chat with my lovely boyfriend, I thought to myself there is a few things I need to change and improve on. So I am hoping 2013 will be my year.. new year new me.. very cheesy I know! So I am going to share with you all my New Year Resolutions and come next year I will take a look at this post and see how many I achieved. 2013 let's have ya!

New Bedroom
I keep saying to myself I am going to bedroom, instead of blowing my money on clothes I'm going to get new chest of drawers, photo frames, curtains, wallpaper everything to transform my room into a shabby chic vintage room! 

When it comes to pay day I am a devil for blowing it all on clothes and on other bits and bobs I don't necessarily need! Instead I will make a budget for buying new clothes when I get paid, that way I will get into the habit of saving and not having the worry of no money left when a rainy day comes along..

Be More Organised
I have to be the most unorganised person ever! Messy room, messy notes, messy college work, everything you name it! I am going to go out and buy myself a 2013 diary(very posh) and get myself organised. Being organised will definitely make everything more easier and it will give me some piece of mind!

I want to expand my blog a bit more and put more effort into taking photo's. I personally think pretty photo's on a blog makes such a difference to someones blog. I love scrolling through a blog looking at photo's. I want to make my blog a bit more interesting to read.
I am open to advertising on my blog and mentioning other blogs. 

Now I am not going to jump on the New Year resolution saying I want to go to the gym.. 
I am going to start back swimming. I absolutely love going for a nice swim, your working every muscle in your body while swimming so it will keep me fit!

College Work
I am currently in my first year of Dental Nursing and as I got off to a rocky start of stress and the likes I want to start fresh and put my head down, study hard and pass my final year 1 exam in March/May to get into year 2. It is going to be a tough two/three months but with a bit of motivation and eager hopefully I will get there!

Healthy Eating
Yes, the healthy eating buzz everyone wants to do after the Christmas! I am not trying to loose wait or anything but in order to get stuck into college work my diet does affect it. So I want to start eating healthier lunches and having a breakfast every morning. I am the worse for leaving out breakfast!

Positive Thinking
I can be a very negative person at times which I really need to stop! I will get absolutely no where if I don't break my old habits without positive thinking. It will help me get through my bad days and make my good day even better! I think this should really be on everyone's list to achieve New Year goals.


Friday, January 4, 2013

Review | Mac 'Haute Altitude' Lipstick

*Top- Dervish. Bottom- Haute Altitude.

Lipstick number 2, 'Haute Altitude' is one of the new lipsticks Mac has in stock. When I'm browsing around the Mac counter I always like to take a look at the new stock and hopefully find something I like. I am a lover of all light pinks and nudes so this was a must have on my list. Personally I think a formula of a lipstick makes such a big impact on how a lipstick looks on. I prefer the amplified creme formula as it makes my lips look smoother and so what bigger, of course the lip liner makes a big diff too. I never tried it on in the shop which is always a bit of a risk too take when buying lipsticks in Mac. I have often picked up some I wasn't too 'crazy' about. I tested this lipstick without the liner and any face makeup and being honest I was a bit unsure and I was a bit curious if buying this lipstick was a waste. The following day I did my makeup and re-applied the lipstick with my new lip liner 'Dervish'. I think the lip liner made such a difference to this lipstick and I was very happy with the outcome. It is a different shade of pink that I wouldn't automatically want to get but now I am happy I went with this one. It is perfect for daytime looks, which is exactly what I needed. Anyone who loves light pinks and nude lipstick who wants a change but not too drastic, should really get their hands on this! It looks slightly different on than the stick itself. Next post will be about the lip liner, I want to give a proper review on this showing how well it works with different shades of pinks and nudes. 

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Review | Mac 'Cyber' Lipstick

This is my first of 5 Mac products I have bought recently that I want to do separate reviews on. This lipstick is the most vibrant colour I have added to my lipstick collection, I often go for different types of pinks and nudes. I wanted something that stands out that I could wear mostly going out a night. When I was shown this colour first I automatically thought it is too dark and that it wouldn't suit me. I was then shown a lighter purple, more a pinky but it wasn't the colour I was after. So I then took a second look at 'Cyber' and tried it on. To my surprise for such a drastic colour, I was impressed. The shade was exactly what I had in mind, it was dark but yet a gorgeous purple colour. It has a satin formula which is smooth when applying, it doesn't feel sticky in anyway. It lasts for hours and it doesn't wipe off easily or stick onto glasses which is ideal for a night out, especially for me as I am not the one for reapplying my lipstick a million times on a night out. I tried it out the day I bought it to see how long it will last and how many times I have to reapply it instead of trying it out on a night out because I would just be too drunk to notice! Throughout the day I reapplied the lipstick twice. Yes, TWICE! Oh, and please excuse the bad photo of me it's the only decent one I have wearing the lipstick! It cost €18
Overall, I am never disappointed with any Mac lipstick I have bought. I'm delighted I took a second look at this in the shop because it is now my fave! I cannot wait to wear it on a night out! I have an unconditional love for Mac lipsticks so please if you have any favourites or suggestions?! Have you tried Cyber? What are your thoughts on this lipstick?

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Mac | 'Mini' Haul..

Blogging twice today, I am on a roll! I thought I would do a small post to show you what I will be blogging about this week. I haven't bought myself Mac makeup in soo long so after Christmas, I went on a mad shopping spree buying new clothes and of course I had to treat myself to some new makeup sure why not?! I have been after the Mineralised Skinfinish in 'Gold Deposit' I have always wanted to get this as I see it everywhere on Blogger and Youtube. I picked up two new lipsticks 'Cyber' which is a satin formula and it is a dark purple colour, it is perfect for nights out. And 'Haute Altitude' which is a new liptick in a pinky colour, I was in need of a new daytime lipstick, it is in an amplified creme formula which is my favourite. I picked up a new lip liner which will go with many of the lipsticks I own in the colour 'Dervish' It's a similar colour to 'Haute Altitude' and it goes really well together. I wear a pretty dark foundation as I wear dark tan, not really dark but to some it would be considered dark so I got the Pro Longwear concealer in Nc35 just for the T-Zone to reduce any oily patches.
Also, in my last post I have mentioned I have no 'New Year Resolution' as I never really stick by them. But finally I have came to something more realistic, since I have this blog a year now, I haven't put in 100% effort into it.. So I have decided as my New Years Resolution I am going to blog at least three times a week and put a more effort into it. I greatly appreciate my lovely followers for sticky around my blog. Check out my review on the lipstick 'Cyber' tomorrow. 
Have you bought anything from Mac lately? What is your favourite Mac product(s)?


Christmas & New Year.

Finally I have gotten around to writing a Christmas post! So I am a bit on the late side with this post, I know everyone will be posting about New Year resolutions but for me every year I decide on a New Year resolution and I never really stick by it. Anyone else in the same boat? Maybe I'll try think of something more decent and realistic but in the meantime I will blabber on about how my Christmas went. Christmas is my favourite time of the year! I love spending time with the family and seeing everyone open their Christmas presents especially the little ones! Christmas Eve I was in work which I didn't mind because everyone was in a festive mood, every Christmas eve in my house we chill out in new Pj's and watch Christmas films. What other better way is there to spend it? I'm such a big kid and of course I woke up at a ridiculous time..6 in the morning! Could not go asleep and I was up for the day.. Around 9 the rest of the house woke up and we opened our pressies! My mam and dad got me a new laptop which I was in need of for college, plus my keyboard on my laptop had missing letters so this had me less interested in writing anymore blog posts because it took so long! Christmas day included a yummy full Irish in the morning, Christmas dinner,wine flowing music blaring and drunk up singing til I don't know what time! My boyfriend spoiled my rotten, to my surprise he got me Rihanna tickets which I could not get over! Here's a pic of some my lovely presents! How adorable is my penguin teddy? Their my fave animal so I thought it was really cute when I opened this! I've got tonnes more lovely presents which I want to do separate posts on, I have also gone on a major shopping spree which I am dying to show you all what I picked up! I hope you all had a great Christmas! & Happy New Year x
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