Wednesday, November 14, 2012

You Make Me Smile..

Just a quick little review on this gorgeous ligloss I picked up from H&M a few weeks ago. H&M have a big range of lipglosses so it's so hard to choose from all the colours they have on offer for such an amazing cheap prices. I have never been disappointed with a H&M lipgloss as the quality is amazing! I came across this a few weeks ago and fell in love with this colour, it was definitely eye-catching and I could not pass it by. It doesn't bother me about the packaging to much as it's the lipgloss I want to use, not too look at it! Although for 3.95 I wouldn't be expecting much. The colour is a gorgeous rich cherry. There is no glitter or shimmer added to it which makes it even better for me as I am not a big fan of it. The texture feels so nice on my lips too, it's not sticky but has a thick feeling. Although my expectations of a long-lasting 3.95 lipgloss was not very high, I am mean who would expect it to last all day/night? 
Re-applying liglosses during the day/night doesn't bother me that much either you're never going to find an amazing lipgloss that looks great throughout the whole day/night. I feel topping up lipglosses just makes it look more fresher than anything else. A good tip for lasting lipstick/lipgloss is applying a powder onto your lips. Overall, it's a gorgeous colour and I would recommend any H&M lipgloss.


  1. Ooooh lovely colour, looks so rich. Perfect for Christmas parties. Ive not tried any the H&M lipglosses but at such a great price I think I should x x

    1. cheapest is 2.95 i think they're really good! & the bronzers:) Xx


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