Thursday, November 15, 2012

My Love For Bags..

Judging from anyone's blog you can tell what they mostly love.. and as you can tell by my blog title 'My Love For..' I write about everything I love but one thing I have a crazy obsession with are handbags. I literally cannot get enough of them, I have so many bags but there's always that one I am glued to for my 'everyday' bag. I mean everyone has one and I think it's nearly a comfort kinda thing? I loved my black patent Paul's Boutique bag my mam bought me for my birthday I have used it every single day since I've got it but unfortunately due to the bad quality these handbags are the bag is literally falling apart. Safe to say I am heartbroken I have to get rid of it! Nearly day by day something falls off or snaps.. Today I went shopping with my mam as she wanted to start her Christmas shopping we had a look in H&M and I noticed they got this gorgeous black handbag back in! The first time they came into the shop they were all sold out, my sister also went mad about it & we've had our eye on it everytime we walked into the shop. Today I walked by and had a look, and to my surprise my mam offered to buy it for me! I was over the moon because I hadn't got the money to invest in a new bag and I was thinking to myself just to stick to my fallen apart Paul's Boutique bag! I then copped on every single bag I own my mam has bought for me, in the past 3 years of me working I have never actually bought a bag? So weird. But my mam has great taste, I don't think she even realizes! 

Photo from My Instagram.

I love the shape of this bag because it's easier to find things, it is so annoying when your rooting through a bag everytime you look for your purse or phone. I prefer bags that have bought straps and handles because it's versatile. The zip on it is not stiff and it won't get caught in the material inside, seriously hate when that happens! It's good genuine material that seems like it will last long and not crack or rip. The gold studs is a bonus! I absolutely love anything with studs or spikes, it's biker/glamorous kind of style. The bag also comes in a really light cream colour with silver studs and zip but I prefer the black because it will go lovely with a biker jacket & knitted jumpers! Perfect for winter. Personally I think the cream colour would be nicer in the summer but that's just my opinion! With Christmas coming around handbags are a really good gift I love getting new bags & purses sure who doesn't? Eventually I will come around to doing a handbag collection and how I store them. Bags can take up a lot of room so I have sussed out a handy way of storing them so watch this space! 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

You Make Me Smile..

Just a quick little review on this gorgeous ligloss I picked up from H&M a few weeks ago. H&M have a big range of lipglosses so it's so hard to choose from all the colours they have on offer for such an amazing cheap prices. I have never been disappointed with a H&M lipgloss as the quality is amazing! I came across this a few weeks ago and fell in love with this colour, it was definitely eye-catching and I could not pass it by. It doesn't bother me about the packaging to much as it's the lipgloss I want to use, not too look at it! Although for 3.95 I wouldn't be expecting much. The colour is a gorgeous rich cherry. There is no glitter or shimmer added to it which makes it even better for me as I am not a big fan of it. The texture feels so nice on my lips too, it's not sticky but has a thick feeling. Although my expectations of a long-lasting 3.95 lipgloss was not very high, I am mean who would expect it to last all day/night? 
Re-applying liglosses during the day/night doesn't bother me that much either you're never going to find an amazing lipgloss that looks great throughout the whole day/night. I feel topping up lipglosses just makes it look more fresher than anything else. A good tip for lasting lipstick/lipgloss is applying a powder onto your lips. Overall, it's a gorgeous colour and I would recommend any H&M lipgloss.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Review: Clinique Liquid Facial Soap

I have been constantly on the look out for a good face wash as I haven't found the perfect one for my skin type. Awhile back my sister gave me this Clinique face wash because she picked the wrong one up and it did nothing for her skin whatsoever. It is a liquid formed substance which I thought was really weird when I first used it but massaging it into my face it became soapy and had a lathery feel to it. The only thing that was putting me of using this was that it is for oily skin and I would consider my skin to be drier than oily. I gave it a try and I mainly focused massaging it into my T-zone and cheeks as these parts are mostly oily. 

After washing it off my face felt so fresh and soft, I was very impressed. I suffer from bad blemishes on my cheeks, forehead and around my mouth. After two or three uses of this product my face looked so clear. Others had started to notice how fresher and healthier my skin looked. I am not too sure about how much this product cost as I didn't buy it myself but I would be pretty sure it is not cheap! The prices of Clinique would be my only downfall. They are expensive because of the good ingredients they use to make the products, so it is worth the price you are paying. Splashing out on a really high end product is worth it!

I would highly recommend this Clinique face wash and the brand itself! The price is way above my budget on what I would spend on facial products as I only work part - time, so each week I am going to put a bit of money by and save up for a Clinique moisturizer.
If you can't afford it either Christmas is just around the corner! They do great sets for great prices so why not save some money up or ask for it as a gift? Clinique will definitely be on my Christmas list this year! 

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