Thursday, October 25, 2012

New Hair..

I love changing around with my hair colour as I get bored with it so easily. I'm naturally brown but I feel as if the blonde suits me better. I've dyed my hair back brown a few times before but I was never really happy with it! For a good while now I've been dying my own hair with a proper peroxide bleach I got from a wholesalers but now coming into 
the winter I wanted something more tonned down. My hair was so bright, nice at first but often blonde colours can go very yellowy and not look as healthy. My layers had grown out and so did my fringe so my hair was pretty boring and flat which I hate because I love lots of volume! So I searched for a good hairdressers that had good prices and stylists.
I decided to get highlights and lowlights as they suited me before. I also planned on getting my choppy layers back in. My hair still had some shape in it so it just needed to be styled. I wanted to get two blondes to a brown because I didn't want to go to dark. 
I had a great experience in the hairdressers that I'd never been to before and very happy with how my hair turned out! My hair is short but i love wearing extensions so it was the next to do thing on my list after I had my hair done. there is truly no better feeling coming out of a hairdressers with having exactly what you wanted/ had in mine done!

What have been your good/bad experiences?! 


  1. Nominated you for the leibster award, check out my post :) xxx


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