Wednesday, October 31, 2012

How I Fill In My Eyebrows

I was asked to do this post a long time ago so I've finally gotten around to doing it. I get a lot of compliments on my eyebrows (thanks to those!) but to me I don't think there the best, I'd my love eyebrows to be fuller, thicker and longer. I have been trying to grow them out and maintain them as well which can be a bit hard because I also want to give them a little shape. I always say to myself I'll go get my eyebrows waxed but thinking about it anytime I do I feel as if they're completely gone and it's like starting all over again regrowing them. So I just pluck away any stray hairs and try give them a nice shape.

I use Sleeks Eyebrow Kit which I ordered off first I got the dark and then I ordered the light. Today I'm using the dark. I use an eyebrow pencil from Rimmel too in dark brown, it's easy to give your brows a shape with this. As you can see in the photo the colours are quite similar although you can darken the brows more with the pencil.

Brush through your eyebrows first then pluck away all stray hairs before applying the wax. These kits come with small tweezers but I personally find them hard to use so I use Boots tweezers, they are brilliant I really recommend them! Using the angled brush you get in the kit apply the wax and follow the shape of your brow at the bottom and working your way up through the brow. Try not to put as much at the end of the brow as it can easily be seen you fill in your eyebrows! Using the blending brush apply the powder over the brow.

The Finished Look:


  1. What kind of eyeliner did you use? It's so rich.


    1. Rimmel exaggerate, it's really good.

  2. Im nominating you for a Liebster award! Check my blog pretty soon for the post with all the details you need!

  3. I posted about this too! I adore sleek brow kit xxx


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