Wednesday, October 31, 2012

How I Fill In My Eyebrows

I was asked to do this post a long time ago so I've finally gotten around to doing it. I get a lot of compliments on my eyebrows (thanks to those!) but to me I don't think there the best, I'd my love eyebrows to be fuller, thicker and longer. I have been trying to grow them out and maintain them as well which can be a bit hard because I also want to give them a little shape. I always say to myself I'll go get my eyebrows waxed but thinking about it anytime I do I feel as if they're completely gone and it's like starting all over again regrowing them. So I just pluck away any stray hairs and try give them a nice shape.

I use Sleeks Eyebrow Kit which I ordered off first I got the dark and then I ordered the light. Today I'm using the dark. I use an eyebrow pencil from Rimmel too in dark brown, it's easy to give your brows a shape with this. As you can see in the photo the colours are quite similar although you can darken the brows more with the pencil.

Brush through your eyebrows first then pluck away all stray hairs before applying the wax. These kits come with small tweezers but I personally find them hard to use so I use Boots tweezers, they are brilliant I really recommend them! Using the angled brush you get in the kit apply the wax and follow the shape of your brow at the bottom and working your way up through the brow. Try not to put as much at the end of the brow as it can easily be seen you fill in your eyebrows! Using the blending brush apply the powder over the brow.

The Finished Look:

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Everyday Makeup #1

I love reading posts about everyday makeup tutorials, so I thought I'd start doing a few of my own. When first reading an everyday makeup tutorial you may think that person actually wears that exact same look everyday.. but no. I only see these posts written once or twice on blogs so I have decided to do a 7 day makeup look for those who can't think anything to change around their makeup everyday. It's hard but it's about trying out new looks and seeing what colours suit you best, I love wearing cream, brown, beige colours but I have always wanted to try a pink, salmon kind of colour. So as well as showing you all some looks.. I'm experimenting too! 
Tips to remember:
Don't be afraid to use a colour your not use to, it's good to try out things for a change and if you don't think it suits you or not comfortable wearing it.. have a face wipe at the ready! Always, always,always.. apply face moisturizer before applying makeup! 
Foundation can often look cakey when the skin isn't moisturizer and it is very noticable.
The key success in having flawless looking makeup is too look after your skin! Don't try cover up all that redness and blemishes look after your skin so you won't have that problem! 
The Steps:
Always use a base colour no matter what, something similar to your foundation, not too bright or pale. I used Ricepaper by Mac. It's by far my fave, most people opt for Brule but I feel its just too pale I can barely see it and I don't like that although I use it under my brows. I then applied Arena all over the lid lightly. Then lightly using a blending brush towards the brow with cork and blend really well. Using a smudge brush under the lower lashers apply a mix of arena and handwritten. Apply your eyeliner whatever way you want but I went for a little wing to make it a soft simple look. Using a contouring brush sweep a medium or dark bronzer across your cheeks and a highlighter above your cheek bone right underneath your eyes. 

Try a nude lipgloss or a light pink with this look. I tried out a cherry lipgloss I bought from H&M awhile ago but still not confident yet too pull it off as it's such a statement colour. I love statement lipsticks/lipglosses they can really pull a look together if you wear them right! But for the occasion I was going to I wore a nude Mac lipgloss as I wasn't going anywhere fancy!

The Finished Look: A Simple soft look, perfect for everyday! Any colours you'd like to see let me know & I'll pull a look together!


Thursday, October 25, 2012

New Hair..

I love changing around with my hair colour as I get bored with it so easily. I'm naturally brown but I feel as if the blonde suits me better. I've dyed my hair back brown a few times before but I was never really happy with it! For a good while now I've been dying my own hair with a proper peroxide bleach I got from a wholesalers but now coming into 
the winter I wanted something more tonned down. My hair was so bright, nice at first but often blonde colours can go very yellowy and not look as healthy. My layers had grown out and so did my fringe so my hair was pretty boring and flat which I hate because I love lots of volume! So I searched for a good hairdressers that had good prices and stylists.
I decided to get highlights and lowlights as they suited me before. I also planned on getting my choppy layers back in. My hair still had some shape in it so it just needed to be styled. I wanted to get two blondes to a brown because I didn't want to go to dark. 
I had a great experience in the hairdressers that I'd never been to before and very happy with how my hair turned out! My hair is short but i love wearing extensions so it was the next to do thing on my list after I had my hair done. there is truly no better feeling coming out of a hairdressers with having exactly what you wanted/ had in mine done!

What have been your good/bad experiences?! 
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