Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What I've been up to?!

I can't believe it's actually been two whole months since the last time I've been blogging!
I have been super busy the past two months because I started a new job in H&M which I absolutely love, I have been very happy since I've changed jobs. I'm doing lots of extra hours so I never gotten a chance to take some time out for my little space on the web. 
Since the summer is nearly ending I've realised I will have more time now for my blog, I'll think of it as something I have to do a few times during the week. I really want to make it more interesting and fun to read and try write more things as I've been looking over my blog and personally it needs a little kick, not sure what exactly but I'll think of something.
 So, what have i been up to all this time? Well..
I've basically bought a whole new wardrobe that I'm looking forward to showing you all,
it was my niece's 4th birthday on the 2nd of July (can't believe how fast she's growing up!) I've had a few well deserved nights out from my long shifts i do in work everyweek.. I treated myself to Hairspray extensions which I'm currently loving but thinking of getting micro bead extensions soon?! If anyone has any experiences please let me know what you think of them! My 19th birthday was two weeks ago, I got spoiled rotten my amazing boyfriend brought my over to Eddie Rockets (yum!) I treated myself to the iPhone 4s so if anyone is on instagram leave a comment with your username :) 


  1. i just got an iphone 4s too, I'm loving it! that case is awesome too :) my instagran is kayleighisabela :) xx

  2. Cant wait to see more posts from you ! x x

  3. i absolutely love my iphone! my instagram is - beckyfordham :)
    love becky xxx


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