Monday, August 13, 2012

Summer Daze..

Please excuse my crappy photo, I usually try take quick snaps while I'm rushing out the door and when I'm using my camera it takes a few tries adjusting settings and that so my phone did the trick this day! I finally had a Friday off work and my luck it was a gorgeous day out.. so nice we ended up in a beer garden enjoying a few drinks with my boyfriend & his friends. A few drinks taste so so good after a long shift from the day before. I was also pleased as I got a second wear out of my maxi dress which I love. I got it from New Look at the start of the summer hoping I'd get some wear out of it this summer.. in Ireland our summer is 5 days of sun I try and get a few really nice outfits for these 5 days of summer! I think it cost me around 30 euro which was cheap & cheerful, I'm always looking for a good bargain. 

I don't like wearing too much tan and make up when it's warm out because I just feel really uncomfortable and feel as If it's wearing off me! So I opted for a light tan and tiny bit of Mac Nc37 studio fix fluid foundation. Your probably thinking well that's a pretty dark enough foundation, and I know it is but depends on how much you apply. I just love Mac foundations because it gives me great coverage and it works best with my skin type especially on warm days. Although I have mentioned Rimmel Wake Me Up, I just don't think it would have been great to use that day.

Although summer 2012 is coming to an end I'm hoping we'll catch more rays of sun over here to get the last bit of wear of my summer clothes that I haven't even worn yet. Fingers crossed the sun comes out when I'm on my holidays from work! So need a weeks break before reality kicks in and I'm off to college no more lie on's for me!

And last but not least.. great news my sister has finally gotten herself a blog woo! My sister is a big inspiration to me and I am delighted she has joined the blogging world. She's the one who actually introduced me to blogger and showed me some amazing blogs which led me to writing my own. I knew one day she would start her own so please check out her great blog at 



  1. I love this maxi!!
    I have been on the hunt for the perfect one all summer with no luck! :(

    1. Better off getting them at the start of the summer and now is the time to buying all winter clothes!


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