Wednesday, May 2, 2012

St.Tropez Taster Collection

I've never tried St.Tropez products before so I was delighted when I got this little collection. I have heard great things about St.Tropez tan so I was dying to try it out. The collection includes body polish, bronzing lotion and body moisturiser. I did a little tester on my hand and I have to say my skin was left so soft and it smelled gorgeous!
The tan itself, hasn't got a pleasant smell although the body polish & body moisturiser do take away that weird smell!

The body polish has a beady texture, you apply this to get rid of any dry patches. I love the smell and the creamy, beady texture gives you lovely soft skin. It's very important to exfoliate, especially before you apply tan. You don't want dry skin/patches showing!  You need to keep your skin well hydrated.

Next step is to apply the bronzing lotion now it does look pretty dark but once blended in it's lighter, Don't rub the tan into your skin. Take great care and do it slowly so you get don't get an uneven looking tan. There is nothing worse than an uneven looking tan & trying to scrub it off! 

The body moisturiser is thick which I love because any thick moisturiser drys in seconds and it's great if you have dry patches. I love trying out different body moisturisers and this definitely is one of my fave. 

Exfoliating and moisturising is so important (and also using a tan that suits your skin!)  I always make sure I exfoliate once a week and moisturise everyday. Skin looks so much healthier and it gives a polished look. 


  1. I love St Tropez products! Most natural looking 'tan in a can' if you will. I love the foam the best, so easy to blend and does not streak. Great blog <3

    1. It's great for during the day! I've never tried the foam one before, must try it out.
      Awh thanks!:) xx


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