Thursday, May 3, 2012

Gosh Trio Eye Shadow

Without Flash..

With Flash..

I have never seen any posts about Gosh products so I wanted to a post myself and hear everyone else's opinions on these products. When deciding I was going to try out Gosh makeup I went for the eyeshadow to see how well it blended and stayed on without going cakey. What really caught my eye about these eyeshadows was the gold. I love gold eyeshadows, especially ones that stand out. All three colours have a shimmer to it and so   I wouldn't wear them together, reason being it never turns out well in photo's. I always wear three matte colours & one shimmer colour. I like to wear the gold colour with chocolate brown matte eyeshadows as it blends really well with them. Now grey isn't a colour I actually wear because I don't think it suits me at all! But this one blends out really nice and it isn't all that glittery & shimmery! For the white base colour, again I never really wear white eyeshadows because I wear a dark foundation I think it looks ridiculous on me, I prefer cream bases, but I like to blend this with a yellowy base to add a bit of sparkle! Overall, they are lovely colours & blend really well but I'd always make sure I apply primer before wearing them (as always). 

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