Wednesday, April 4, 2012

H&M and Penneys Haul

Hey everyone! First things first, I will admit it.. I have an unhealthy addiction to Shopping! I literally can't stop? Everytime I get paid I'm straight out the door and hitting the shops! I've only got paid last week and I have bought tonnes of stuff! But in all fairness, they are things I need! (no impulse buys) 

So yesterday I went shopping with my lovely sister, niece and nephew. And then later on that day I went back over with my boyfriend! Told you I had an addiction! Anyway, while I was shopping with my sister I picked up this gorgeous blue dress from H&M it cost me 14.95! I absolutely love H&M, such nice clothes, great prices & the quality of the material are really good!

I also picked up my niece two gorgeous outfits but did not get a chance to take a few snaps as my sister had to rush home after. I bought my niece a pair of navy & white shorts, a white top to match and a lovely pink dress with white poka dots!

Later on that day I went back over to the shopping centre with my boyfriend. I went to Penneys also known as Primark in the Uk, Penneys have such lovely tops & dresses in at the moment but what I really wanted to get were tops because all I have really are plain tops. So I picked up these three:

I literally ran around the whole shop trying to look for this top! I seen one hanging on a rack but it was a size 16 and luckily I found the original rack it was hanging on with one size 8 and a big size. Woohoo! Love when that happens! I love the design in this top and the collar. It cost 8 Euro.

The colour of this really caught my eye and the silk material. I love the how it flows out at the bottom & I love the gold zip at the back. This top will be gorgeous paired with tight skinny jeans and pumps! It cost 13 Euro.

I love wearing blouses, they're gorgeous tucked into jeans, skirts and shorts! Although I've a cream blouse from H&M I wanted to pick up this white one from Penneys because I love the lace detail in it and the gold buttons on the sleeves.I think it would go lovely with a black string top underneath and a pair of leather leggings and pumps!
This cost 15 Euro.


  1. Great haul! I love the blue dress and the white blouse! :) xx

  2. Love the white and lace blouse, so pretty x

  3. The printed top with the colalr is cute! Lucky you for finding it! x

    1. I was delighted I found it! Im sure everyone in the shop thought I was crazy running up and down haha x

  4. The last blouse is really cute! xx


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