Sunday, April 22, 2012


Hey girls! Hope you had a lovely weekend. I haven't been able to do any posts since Tuesday unfortunately as I've been very busy, anyway, I'm back in swing and have lots of exciting posts coming. I would really love to hear from all my lovely readers on what type of posts you like to read? Recently, I have been addicted to reading week in photo's & outfit posts and I've been thinking of starting posts about my weeks and more on outfits. I would love to hear your thoughts so feel free to comment. I'm brutal when it comes to trying to take proper pictures of outfits and editing so I would really appreciate if anyone has suggestions or whatever. So for the time being bare with my crapy photo's until I find a better way! 

Since I've got a lot of lovely comments about my converse in my other posts I decided to outfit posts about my converse! This is what I'm wearing today, it's so comfy & casual. I love wearing blazers with converse I think it makes the outfit look real edgy but also trendy. Adding a scarf or jewellery to your outfits brings it all together. I decided to go with the scarf today as it's pretty cold and raining all day :( So please comment or send an email ( check in contact ) on posts you love to read most or what you'd like to see in my blog. It's much appreciated! 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Oh I love suprises..

First of all I just want to say a  big thanks to all my lovely readers who have followed my blog! I've reached 100 followers which I'm excited about, I'm so happy you all enjoy reading it! I've been having such horrible days lately and feeling really down. But today my mam surprised me with this big beautiful BT2 bag! I was very excited and shocked. It was suppose to be for my birthday but she decided to give it to me now! 

You either love or hate Paul's Boutique bags & I'm one of those who love them! I think the reason most people don't like them is because there are so many people with them but then again you'll find more people wearing the same Penneys blouse as you then having a Pauls Boutique bag.. well that is my personal thought on it! I have had my eye on this shape bag for so long now, I love the shape, short handles & studs. 

I love that the charms are black & white, I love the bows,hearts and pearls it goes so well. A lot of the charms on the bags can be very colourful, but I love how this is neutral. It makes the bag look smart and sophisticated and well look really well with a skinny jeans & heels! I am thrilled with my lovely surprise, I'm so so lucky!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Review: Barry M Lipstick

Hey ladies! hope everyone is well today. Today I'm showing you all my Barry M lipstick. I've had this awhile now & I have never worn it but today while I was looking through my lipsticks I thought I'd give it another try. I actually love it! It's a matte lipstick, very pink & girly. One layer of this on your lips gives a nice suttle pink but layering it on it really stands out. I always tend to go for nudes and softer pinks, nothing this dramatic. 

I got this in Boots awhile back, I can't remember how much it exactly was but I know that it wasn't dear. Barry M products are really good, I love the colours of the range of lipsticks & the dazzle dust! The number of this lipstick is 146. I picked this up thinking it was a different colour as it was obviously was put under the wrong tester but I'm really pleased with it.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I fell in love with a pair of converse..

Hey ladies! Hope everyone is well today. Yes, I fell in love with these beauts! I have waited long enough for these they deserve a post! Anytime I went into the shop to get them either they had my size & I had no money or I had money & they didn't have my size. My boyfriend also tried to get me these at Christmas but because I'm a size 3 they were gone. I went into the shop to get them for the third time and guess what?! They hadn't got my size, but fortunately another shop had them and I ordered them. But then I had to wait like 3 or 4 days til they arrived into the shop which was pretty long waiting considering my little ordeal! So when I brought them home I was so so happy. Although I thought I had no idea what to wear with these, there's actually tonnes of stuff in my wardrobe that would go well with them. I love wearing them with shorts & blazers for an edgy type of look which I will post about soon! 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hairstyle: Messy Side Bun

Hi everyone, hope you all had a lovely Easter Weekend. I sure had a crazy long weekend. Today I will show you my hairstyle on Easter Sunday. In my Penneys/Primark Haul I did awhile back I mentioned I bought a bun and had no idea on how to actually put it into my hair but after messing around with it I finally sussed it out! 

What you need:
Bun holder 
Two bobbins
Pack of clips

Step one: Back comb your hair and tie your hair into a pony tail where ever you want to place your bun. I decided to a side bun so I tied my hair into a side pony tail.

Step two: Next take the bun and pull your hair through it. Now spread your hair around the bun making sure your hair completely covers it! Take a bobbin and place it over the bun making sure its securing your hair.

Step three: Depending on the length of your hair you will have extra bits of hair sticking outwards at your head. Now twist those extra bits of hair where you put your pony tail, basically hiding those bits by cliping them. Spray with hairspray.

If you prefer having your hair pinned right back leave out the back combing and comb your hair so that it looks sleek and there are no bumps,lumps and strands of hair sticking out!
My hair is very thick and I also wore my extensions because my own hair is too short too fit around the bun.

The finished look:

Here you can properly see my back combing, I created a little bump on the top and my messy side bun with strands of hair out. This look only took me 10 minutes to do, it's easy & simple and I will definitely wear my hair like this again!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

I Need Your Help!

Girls, I need your help!! Today I cleaned out my wardrobe and sorted everything out. I came across these two pairs of shorts that I bought awhile ago and I have no idea what to wear with them?
I would absolutely love to hear from you all if you have any idea's please leave a comment suggesting either day time or night time outfits.

I purchased the grey shorts with the black strip down the side from River Island - 37 Euro
The purple shorts are from New Look and cost 25 Euro.
These are old but I've seen a lot of these style around!

As you can see on my blog I've added the bloglovin' button, at the start I didn't really take any notice of these but today I decided to see what they are all about & basically it's just easier to see posts then flicking through everything! So feel free to hit that button if you wish.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

H&M and Penneys Haul

Hey everyone! First things first, I will admit it.. I have an unhealthy addiction to Shopping! I literally can't stop? Everytime I get paid I'm straight out the door and hitting the shops! I've only got paid last week and I have bought tonnes of stuff! But in all fairness, they are things I need! (no impulse buys) 

So yesterday I went shopping with my lovely sister, niece and nephew. And then later on that day I went back over with my boyfriend! Told you I had an addiction! Anyway, while I was shopping with my sister I picked up this gorgeous blue dress from H&M it cost me 14.95! I absolutely love H&M, such nice clothes, great prices & the quality of the material are really good!

I also picked up my niece two gorgeous outfits but did not get a chance to take a few snaps as my sister had to rush home after. I bought my niece a pair of navy & white shorts, a white top to match and a lovely pink dress with white poka dots!

Later on that day I went back over to the shopping centre with my boyfriend. I went to Penneys also known as Primark in the Uk, Penneys have such lovely tops & dresses in at the moment but what I really wanted to get were tops because all I have really are plain tops. So I picked up these three:

I literally ran around the whole shop trying to look for this top! I seen one hanging on a rack but it was a size 16 and luckily I found the original rack it was hanging on with one size 8 and a big size. Woohoo! Love when that happens! I love the design in this top and the collar. It cost 8 Euro.

The colour of this really caught my eye and the silk material. I love the how it flows out at the bottom & I love the gold zip at the back. This top will be gorgeous paired with tight skinny jeans and pumps! It cost 13 Euro.

I love wearing blouses, they're gorgeous tucked into jeans, skirts and shorts! Although I've a cream blouse from H&M I wanted to pick up this white one from Penneys because I love the lace detail in it and the gold buttons on the sleeves.I think it would go lovely with a black string top underneath and a pair of leather leggings and pumps!
This cost 15 Euro.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Makeup Brush Holder

On Friday myself and my lovely boyfriend went to Ikea. 
I'm currently changing my room around but first I wanted to get some storage boxes and other bits. I have tonnes of stuff sitting around my little room which really annoys me! I picked up a few black and white boxes with a floral design on them and storage dividers you can slot into your chest of drawers. What I really wanted to get was a makeup brush holder, something pretty that would look nice sitting on top of my chest of drawers. I picked up this white flower pot & sand. 

I placed the sand in the bottom so my makeup brushes would stand better in it. It's also quite tall so I put a lot of sand in it so my brushes would peep up over the top! The sand comes in other colours but I opted for white although I was tempted to go for pink(as usual) but I am now glad I chose white.

The flower pot cost me around 6 euro & the sand was 70 cent I think? One bag was enough as I still have some left over! Now that I had my makeup brush holder, I wanted to get a clear jar to put my bobbins and grips. I am forever losing my bobbins and grips around the house so I picked up this clear jar that cost me 8 euro.

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