Monday, March 5, 2012

Urban Decay Book of Shadows 4

Hi everyone! hope you all had a good weekend..
I'll soon do a new post on my weekend and what i wore but today i wanted to do
a review on Urban Decay's Book of Shadows 4.
I haven't seen a lot of reviews on this myself so i wanted to share my thoughts with you.

So as you can see you also get the Urban Decay 24/7 liquid eyeliner, supercurl curling mascara and the eyeshadow primer potion. 
The 24/7 liquid eyeliner is a thin brush which i love, i never used a liquid eyeliner with a thin brush before so i was dying to try it out and i love it! It's great for people who aren't the best at applying liquid eyeliner (like myself when i first started) it does take a lot of practise and you need a steady hand! 
The mascara is really good to it's a curved brush and it really does curve your lashes, they make mine look great I use this and Bad Gal mascara by Benefit to make them looked curled and fuller. 
I've always used the eyeshadow primer it lasts so long and makes the eyeshadow stick perfect it also gives you a nice cream base. 

Left to Right: Bust, Missionary, Skimp, Midnight Cowgirl

These are my fave colours and the ones i use the most from this palette, they're gorgeous together and light, suttle look to wear during the day.
The rest of the palette are bright, colourful vibrant colours that i haven't tried out yet but definitely come up with a look using them.. 

From Left to Right: 
Blue Bus, Hijack, Bender, Cobra.

These are colours i wouldn't really wear myself i always go for beige,taupe,cream brown eyeshadows. I haven't came out of my shell and used any green, blues or purples yet but thinking of doing so soon when i get inspired by a look i like so ive my eye out and as soon as i come up with something i will definitely show you all.
Overall, i do really like this palette because it has browns,creams and the vibrant colours that i'm dying to try out. There's a lot of shimmery colours so i would recommend anyone using these colours to pair them up with matte colours as well because you don't want your eyeshadow too glittery sometimes it doesn't look right!

I really recommend this palette, i love it!

Ellie xo


  1. That looks like such an amazing palette! Wow the colors are so pigmented and you get primer, liner and mascara thats great! Definitely do a make up look with this! :) X

    1. Thanks for commenting:) yeah they're gorgeous i love them as soon as i come up with a look
      i will definitely do a post about it! :) x x

  2. Thanks for the comment and follow!
    Love urban decay too, thhe face spray to keep your make up on is amazing! (but I kinda lost it...)

    Sophh Elizabeth

    1. Your welcome, thanks as well :) i think the palettes and primers are brilliant, i must pick up that all nighter spray would be very handy! X

  3. Beautiful palette! Urban Decay is always so creative with things like this. And I completely agree with you! I always love going for the neutral taupe brown colors rather then bright blues and greens. Love the blog & thanks for the follow :)

    --Hailey (

    1. They're the safest colors to go with lol Urban Decay palettes are great, cheap and last so long!
      Thank a mill for the comment and for following hun! :) X

    2. Thanks for your comment!.. Love this palette.. x

    3. Your welcome :) thanks for commenting as well! x

  4. This is amazing! All of the colours are so beautiful :) Great blog post

    1. Thank you! :)
      checked out your blog, now following!
      x x


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