Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My Top Beauty Tips ♥

Second post of the day! I really wanted to do my Top Beauty Tips post and I've a lot of time on my hands today, I've been having a lazy day really nothing planned just lazying around in my tracksuit! Anyway so here are my top tips I wanted to share with you all. Feel free to comment below with some of your own tips I'd love to hear from you!

  Face mask: Always use a face mask once a week, it's a great way for getting rid of any blemishes or redness.

  Water: Drink the recommended intake of water and your skin will improve drastically. It will also make you feel healthier and happier!

  Moisturize: Moisturizing is the key to having a perfect tan and great skin, applying moisturizer on dry patches you have plus elbows, knee's it gets rid of any in a few short days as long as you apply it every day

♥  Blending: It is so so so important to blend in your makeup, whether it's foundation or eyeshadow. This is the key to having flawless makeup. Without blending your make-up properly it can often look unfinished.

 Foundation: Wearing the right shade of foundation can go a long way when it matches perfectly to your skin tone. Always go for what suits you best and stick to it. Get a few testers and try them at home before buying foundations you might not like.

 Tan-tastic: Trying to find the perfect tan to suit you best is hard and i do agree, but if you wear a pale foundation there's no point in getting a medium/dark tan so go for light. But if your like me and prefer a dark tan go for medium, sometimes dark can be way to dark and if you find it's not dark enough apply more on until you get the colour you want.

What I Recommend: 

1. Face mask: I love love love Neutrogena 2 in 1 face wash and mask, it's affordable and works great. It's a thick face wash which suits my skin type which is combination dry/oily skin. It's roughly around 5 Euro, it is dearer than others but it's worth the extra 2 or 3 euros. You can pick this up from Boots or any supermarket.

2.Blending: The make-up brushes i use are sigma and the one's i find great for blending are SS187 which is a foundation brush, before using this apply your foundation with a flat ended brush then blend in lightly with the SS187. For eyeshadow my favourite is SS224. If you look up Sigma.com and search these brushes on the website you'll find them there or look for the same type of brushes but cheaper. Boots do great brushes. 

3. Foundation: I can't stress enough how much i love the Mac foundation, it's expensive but well worth your money. It has excellent coverage and most days I don't even use concealer it's that good. A less expensive product which i also love is Revlon Colour Stay
great coverage but needed with concealer. Go into the closest Mac counter and tell them your looking for a new foundation, what skin type you are and what colour you like to wear( wear tan that day so they can match it up!) and they will give you testers. Then head off to your local chemist and get some testers. Try these each day and see which you prefer!

4. Tan: For daytime I use L'Oreal sublime bronze, it's not an instant tan so apply this the night before. You can be the judge if you want light or dark tan with this product. Apply a small amount and you have a light tan.. apply a good amount and you have a dark tan. But what i like to do when im using this tan is use Rimmel Instant tan in light on my face and neck. If tan isn't as dark as i want i apply the Rimmel Instant tan in Medium. My favourite at the moment is St.Moriz in medium. It's really dark and bronzy which i love. I wouldn't try the dark because medium is quite dark as it is! Although this tan is harder to come off, but i still recommend it. 

5. Moisturizer: My favourite body moisturizer's are Garnier Summer Body, it has a hint of apricot which makes it smell absolutely gorgeous as well as a nice thick moisture that drys within seconds. My other favourite is Avon Skin So Soft signature soft, it's thick and creamy and drys in seconds! They both are quite similar (that's why i love them) and both very affordable. You can pick up Garnier Summer Body in any Boots or shops. Avon Skin So Soft you can order this from your Avon Representive or possibly from the website? I'm not too sure.

Hope my Top Beauty Tips were any help to you!


Ellie Xo


  1. Thanky you for the comment you left on my blog!
    I am now following you back :)

    1. No problem and thank you for following back! much appreciated :)
      x x

  2. Thank You for the comment on my blog Elaine :) And Thanks so much for following to <3

    I'm following you back :-)

    I need to try the St. Mortiz tanning lotion- I have the St. Tropez, but it wasn't my favorite. That was probably
    because I didn't use a tanning mitt lol I'll have to get one from Sally's.


    1. Your welcome! and thanks a mill for following back!
      It's great i love it only thing is you have to scrub it off but that doesn't put me off
      buying it again because it's lovely tan. Anytime i use it i get compliments! X

  3. Great tips girl :) I use my Freeman's Cucumber Peel-Off Face Mask, two times every seven days. & it is great! Plus it only around 3 dollars. It feels like i'm peeling off all my dead skin its awesome! I love tanning as well. Self tanning that is, I despise tanning beds! Too expensive for the damage it causes. I used to use Sublime Bronze, but I felt it was too glittery for me, I felt like Edward from Twilight. If you haven't tried Fake bake yet..you totally should! Its an amazing self tan! xx

    1. Thanks hun:) i must look up that face mask and try it out! There's no way i'd do tanning beds either, spray tans and bottled tans for me! I do agree it can be glittery so i wouldn't wear it if i was going out on a night out but it's good for day time. I've actually Fake Bake instant tan which is great i love it, lovely tan for a night out too! :) x x

  4. thanks for your lovely comments on my blog.
    I love these tips too, I always forget/don't have time to put on moisturiser everyday but should make the effort. I also love St Moritz tan!!

    1. No problem, thanks a mill for following back!
      I was the same but i get really bad dry skin on the top of my arms and i only noticed when i had on tan and it looked awful so i'm making sure now i use it everyday!


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