Tuesday, March 6, 2012

How I Look After My Extensions

I wear my extensions almost everyday, i hate my natural short hair and i feel so
much more confident when i'm wearing my extensions.
Mine always last me a year even with straightening,curling,etc.
So i always make sure i look after them properly.. 
Like i do with my own hair i wash them with shampoo twice
and then after rinsing with warm water i soak them in conditioner for about three to five minutes, and again rinse out the conditioner.
Some occasions i leave the conditioner in for about an hour so that they're really soft once dried, you should do this every time your curl them.

How to blow dry your extensions straight:

I like to blow dry my extensions straight so i don't have to use the straightner on them too. By just blow drying them straight i find that they look healthier and fuller. After towel drying the extensions brush them starting at the end to the top.
Now what i like to do is get a heavy book or box and place the top of my extensions underneath the edge of the box so it's easier to blow dry.
Make sure you use a round brush, big or thin, it doesn't really matter just as long as you have one make sure you use it

After following those steps you should get straight, sleek hair.
I then apply two pumps of Toni&Guy Classic hair serum that smells so nice!
You can pick this up at Boots and it roughly costs around 2.50 Euro

I don't use it every time i wash my extensions but only when i've used a lot of heat on them and when they're looking a big dull looking. 


Ellie Xo


  1. lovely blog and post :) where do you get your extensions from? xx

    1. Thank you :) i get my extensions from an industrial estate close to me not sure what its called but i really want to get Foxy Locks extensions.com or hairspray.ie extensions. They're such good quality and ive heard so many good things about them! x x

  2. Great post, I've never thought to blow dry extensions straight I normally let them dry naturally, will have to try it next time x

    1. Thank you! :)I always do it because once my extensions are straight they stay straight and don't need to be straightened unless I've curled them!x

  3. Yeh i have foxy locks extensions i love them. Luxy hair extensions look fab too! xx

    1. Are they good quality? i'm not sure what shade i'll go for! :/ x x

  4. This was really useful, I wear extensions on an every day basis too and completely agree with you - they give you such a confidence boost! Have you ever had a weave? I have mine done that way, it's better for the hair as there's less tugging by the clips.

    Check out my blog :)


    Lea xx

    1. Glad to hear it helped :) No i've never had a weave always clip ins!
      checked out your blog, now following :) x x

  5. I do the same with mine, how much do you pay for yours? they look like the perfect colour match for my hair :o)

    Check out my MAC lipstick giveaway



    1. I pay 50-60 for my extensions! Yeah i was surprised i got a good match i dyed my hair blonde myself so!
      Thanks a mill for following, following your blog also :) x x


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