Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Make-up Look ♥

Hey everyone! I really enjoy doing my make-up so expect a lot of Make-up looks here!
This look isn't inspired by anyone just something I came up with myself. I do apologize for the bad quality pictures! The eye shadows that I'm wearing today I've never worn together before and I really like it! Its so simple to do and perfect for day time.

What I Used..

  • Mac studio fix fluid NC35
  • Sephora compact powder
  • Essence concealer
  • Collection 2000 concealer
  • Sephora sculpting disk
  • Hoola by Benefit
  • Naked palette 1- Buck,Sin and Smog.
  • Mac - Rice paper and cork
  • Rimmel Exaggerate eyeliner
  • Bad Gal mascara by Benefit
  • Hue by Mac

Step 1: Apply your concealer wherever you have redness,blemishes,dark circles. Next apply your foundation with a flat ended brush then blend in with a Sigma SS187 brush.
Now take a stick concealer and top of your cheeks make a V sign now blend that into your cheeks. 

Step 2: Brush a powder all over your face. Now take a dark bronzer and a contouring brush dip the side into your bronzer and start at the top of your ear to the corner of your lip as a guideline and blend in. Take a lighter bronzer/blush and brush that just above your contouring. Use a highlighter on top of your cheeks. 

Step 3: Fill in those eye brows! Now prime your lids. Apply Ricepaper all over the lid with a flat ended brush, i used sigma SS252. Then take a smudge brush, using Cork start on your brow bone and blend in. Make sure you don't blend it outwards,only where your applying it to. Next take Buck and blend that on top of Cork

Step 4: Again using a smudge brush, apply buck and smog on your lower lash line very thinly. Now take your flat ended brush SS252 and highlight your brow with Sin. Take a liquid eye liner and make a thick line pointing out at the corner of your eye.

Step 5: Now apply your mascara and lipstick/lipgloss.


  1. Lovely neutral look, great post :-)

    I'm following!

    Jamie-Lee x

  2. Your makeup looks great! I'm totally jealous of your amazing skin:)

    Love the blog!



    1. Awh.Thanks so much! and thanks for following too:)
      Off to check out your blog hun:) x x

  3. I tagged you in my 11 questions tag!
    Go check it out here


    1. Thanks so much!:) left a comment on your blog also!
      x x

  4. Great make-up!
    Thanks for the comment, following you <3

    1. Thank you! and thanks for following back!:) x

  5. You have great skin, doll<3 i'm jealous. you should do an eyebrow tutorial, i suck at my eyebrows! lol!

    1. Thanks hun, I'll get around to doing an eyebrow tutorial sometime this week :) x

  6. Beautiful makeup look hun! Your skin is flawless! Followed :)

    --Hailey (


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