Thursday, March 1, 2012

Another month over!

Hi everyone! just a bit of updating..

Because it's the 1st of March i thought i'd recap on the month of February, i had soo much going on between my one year anniversary with my lovely boyfriend, Valentines day, going on holiday and Olly Murs concert to finish off the month! Overall, February was a great month for me unfortunately i've nothing planned now for the next two months so expect some constant blogging from myself! (yay) Anyway.. here are just a few pictures of my very productive month i had :) 

These are the lovely roses my boyfriend got me for valentines day along with a big box of chocolates and a BT2 voucher! Not going to bother upload the other pictures because if you scroll down my blog you'll see them there! we didn't do much that day because we were going away the following day so we just got a chinese and watched a film:-)

On the 15th of February we went to Krakow Poland for 5 days and had an absolute ball!

We arrived in the middle of a blizzard, EVERYWHERE was full of snow it was beautiful!
we went for a walk the first night shortly after we arrived in our hotel and thats just a glimpse of the few snaps we took! Isn't it gorgeous?

So these we're taking outside the airport, theres myself struggling to walk through a LOT of snow! and that's the car I arranged to pick us up to bring us to the hotel, VIP style what? ;) And we went to the Hard Rock Cafe which was absolute YUM! :)

The snow cleared and the sun came out in Poland! And i was actually warm walking around the town, it was such a nice walk :-)

To end the fabulous month I had, I went to the Olly Murs concert which I was sooo excited about! I absolutely LOVE Olly Murs. I recieved the tickets as a christmas present from my boyfriend! We had an amazing night he was brilliant. I couldn't get the setting right on my camera so unfortunately some came out really blurring when I zoomed in so here are just a few snaps!

I also thought I'd treat myself and get my nails done since I hadn't had them done since my debs! I love getting my nails done and usually anytime I do get them done my poor fingers are cut to bits I have very sensitive hands but this time for the first time it didn't hurt!
so here's just a photo I thought I would add :)

There you go! Just a little glimpse of what I did this month, I had such a great holiday we went ice skating, did some shopping and went to Aushwits. The whole holiday was a great experience and a lovely winter break! I would definitely go back here again  but in the summer time! The concert was brilliant, best christmas present ever:D Even my boyfriend enjoyed it, Olly was deadly live and I'd love to go see him again.

Was February a good month for you? :) 

Ellie xo


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  2. Thanks so much for your lovely comment! really appreciate it,
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