Friday, March 30, 2012

Top 5 Mac Lipsticks

Today I'm showing you my top favourite Mac Lipsticks. I'm such a big fan of Mac make up and I love Mac lipsticks. As most of you all know mac lipsticks cost 17.50  They stay on all day and don't need to be touched up a million times during the day! Top Tip: Apply a compact powder on your lips before applying lipstick & lipgloss. 
 Mostly I'd wear Playing Koi & Hue during the day, as you can see I've not much left. Playing Koi is a pinky nude colour and it goes really well with any colour eyeshadow. Hue is a glaze pink colour, I like to wear this lipstick when I'm wearing a glowy, bronzey make up look. Viva Glam V is another lipstick I'd wear during the day, this shade is something I wouldn't wear that often only for the fact I'm always wearing pinks and nudes which I'm most comfortable wearing. This lipstick however, has a shimmer to it, it's a darker pink, which I wouldn't have worn before. I have came out of my shell and wore this lipstick a few times, It's a gorgeous colour and goes really well with warm brown eyeshadows. 
Lady Danger is a gorgeous matte red lipstick, I absolutely love this! I also use a red lip liner and apply it all over my lip and then apply the red lipstick on top so it stays on all night. Great for going out at night!
Viva Glam 2 is my favourite nude lipstick to wear going out at night, it's a glaze lipstick and I also have a Mac lipgloss to wear on top but unfortunately I've no idea where it's gone or what it's called! And as you can see, somehow this lipstick broke! 

From Left to Right my favourite lipsticks are: Viva Glam VViva Glam 2Lady DangerPlaying Koi and Hue. There are so many gorgeous Mac lipsticks I am dying to get my hands on! I think my next buy will be Impassioned and Creme Cup. I've seen these two all over Youtube and Blogger, Impassioned is such a gorgeous vibrant pink and Creme Cup looks similar to Playing Koi but since I'm running out of that I might as well try something different & similar.

I would love to hear your favourite Mac lipstick, please leave a comment and I will look them up! As I said I'm a huge fan of Mac & love love love the lipsticks.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sleek Eyebrow Kit

I am absolutely obsessed with eyebrows! I can't stress enough how important it is to shape and fill in eyebrows. It creates such a define and flawless look when eyebrows are done. I always make sure I've my eyebrows done even when I'm wearing such little make up. I've used so many different ways and products to fill in my eyebrows such as eyebrow pencils and eyeshadow. But this over rules those pencils and eyeshadows! I am really pleased with this after a bit of a long wait ( might I add ). I love the packaging and how it also gives you instructions on how to fill your eyebrows.

From seeing pictures of this on the internet, it looked quite big but it's actually really small! But this doesn't bother me as I can tell I will get a long time out of it. Anyway, the kit includes a mini tweezer, which is surprisingly good, shaping wax and setting powder, an angled brush and blending brush. I opted for the Dark kit but it also comes in Light.

So basically what you do is pluck away any stray hairs, shape the eyebrows with angled brush starting in the middle, the arch and then the rest. To get a curved look at the start of your eyebrows don't concentrate too much on it fill it in making a C shape. To get a square shape use the angled brush and shape downwards then a straight line at the top and bottom. After shaping the eyebrows, using the blend brush apply the setting powder on top of the eyebrows, carefully do this as you can take away the shape quite easily. 
I purchased this kit here but you can also purchase it from the Sleek website also.
This is such a great kit and I haven't used anything else since I've bought it!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Make-up Tutorial: Smokey eye

Hi everyone! 
Last night myself and my boyfriend went to the Premiere League Darts at the o2.
I only started watching darts back in December when the World Championship was on and I was absolutely glued to it! So I was delighted that I got to go to the Premiere League.
It was such a great experience and we had a great night. This make-up look is what I wore that night, a brown smokey eye.This is my most fave look to wear when I'm going out and I have being looking forward to showing you all this look.

Products I Used:
Mac Studio Fix Fluid NC37
Sephora powder- Cognac
Sephora sculpting disk
Urban Decay eye primer
Urban Decay Naked Palette- Creep
Mac eyeshadow: Arena, Cork, Mulch & Handwritten
Rimmel Exaggerate eyeliner
Urban Decay supercurl curling mascara
Mac Lipstick: Playing Koi
Sleek Brow Kit

1. Apply the foundation with a flat foundation brush.
2. Use the top of your ear to the corner of your lip for a guide to contouring your cheekbones or make the fishy face. Which ever you prefer. Highlight the top of your cheekbones.
3. Then add blush to the apples of your cheeks.
4. Using a flat angled brush and a light/dark eyeshadow fill in the eyebrows starting at your arch and fill in the rest.
5. Apply an eyeshadow primer, make sure it's clear or a cream colour.
6. Take a flat ended eyeshadow brush, apply arena all over the lid and blend in a little.
7. Next using the same brush take Cork and apply this on top of Arena and do not blend outwards.
8. Using a small blending brush Mulch and making a C shape blend that in right above Cork. Repeat this a good few times, blending in eyeshadow is very important.
9. Using a bigger,fluffly blending brush take Handwritten and very lightly blend in on top of Cork and in the outer corner of your eye. Keep blending until it's blended out properly.
10. Take a smudge brush and mix Mulch and Handwritten, lightly apply this on your lower lash line. Then take a pencil eyeliner and apply it in your waterline.
11. When applying liquid eyeliner make sure your elbow is resting on a table or something steady so that only your wrist is in control which makes it easier to apply. Start off by drawing a thin line, then thicker.
12. Use a flat angled brush and apply Creep on top of the liquid eyeliner and on the lower lash line.
13. Now apply your lipstick.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Penneys Haul

Recently I did some shopping as I was in serious need of new clothes and while I was Penneys, which is known as Primark in the Uk, I also picked up accessories. In my eyes it's important to add some accessories to outfits. It makes outfits look so much better and more finished look.. I didn't pick up much as this was the last shop I came to and broke my bank in previous shops! Here is what I picked up anyway... 

Earrings- 3 Euro
Ring- 3 Euro
Necklace- 3 Euro
Bun- 1.50 Euro

I love ear rings, but I personally think that big,droopy earrings don't suit me at all but these are a great length and I will definitely get a good wear out of theses. I'm soo happy Penneys now do Small,Medium and Large rings. I have tiny little fingers and I find it so hard to get these type of rings to fit. I love the coral colour and the shape. I quickly swiped up this necklace, plain and simple, I love the shape and I love long necklaces they always look so pretty with blouses and just plain top and cardigans. Long necklaces can transform an outfit! I also picked up the hair bun, I constantly wear my hair down all the time so I'd like to do something different with it. I decided to get one of these and get practising on how to use it. If anyone has any tips please comment! 

Elaine xo

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Lauren Conrad: Look 1

Hey everyone,
I've been very busy the past few days and finally I can get around to blogging! Over the past few days I have been thinking a lot of what I'll be blogging about and thought of a bunch of exciting posts, well exciting to me and it's the things I like to look for in other blogs.. I've been asked to do an eyebrow tutorial which I will definitely do as I am obsessed with eyebrows! And lots of my new outfits to come too:) If there's anything in particular you'd like to see in my blog, feel free to ask! So in my last post I mentioned I was going to change around my style and come out of my comfort zone a little and also do a few 'Lauren Conrad' looks. Please excuse my messy backgrounds, I usually rush out the door before I take Outfit snaps! 

Top: H&M
Cardigan: H&M
Jeans: Zara (old)
Ankle boots: Dunnes Stores

I am baffled going through my camera looking for a timer so I can take proper pictures fully so you can see it properly and better, I'll get there someday! So the cardigan is slightly different and I'm wearing ankle boots instead of flats. But if it was a bit sunny and warmer the day I wore this outfit I would have wore them. Such an effortless, easy and casual look to pull together. To get the whole look you could simply curl your hair, brush through the curls add some mouse and you'll have them wavy locks. Add sunglasses and a bag with some gold detail!

Thank you everyone for your lovely comments, they make my day :)

Elaine xo

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Lauren Conrad: Style

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a fabulous day!
Lately I've been doing a lot of thinking and I really want to change my style. I always stick wearing such plain clothes like basic tops,cardigans and leggings, dark colours like blacks,beige brown and wine(which i still love) but getting very bored. And with the new Spring trend in I want to splash some colours into my wardrobe. I am absolutely loving the pastels, they're such gorgeous colours and my fave! So I have decided I need a big change and didn't really know where to start, I mean I've been looking at some amazing fashion blogs and been getting tips from them but have no idea where to start? AHHH!

Soo.. I was in Easons this evening looking for a little notepad that I could pop in my bag since I'm forever saying to myself 'oh i need this and i need that' and then I always forget what I need so .. Yay I've got myself a little organized notepad! While I was browsing around I picked up a fashion magazine which is full of tips and lots of casual outfits(woohoo) Then I thought to myself 'Lauren Conrad has a book out, where is it?!' So finally I found it after asking an assistant and I LOVE it! So many great tips in it that I've decided I'm going to follow and hopefully after reading this great book I'll have a new wardrobe and lovely hair. Yes, she tells how she gets her lovely long wavy locks! 

Anyways.. I'm going to post about how I'm getting on and share the tips with you! At the moment I'm on tight budget and haven't got loads of money to be spending on clothes so I've decided to go on a Beauty Budget and head to the cheap shops. You'll always find something in cheap shops if you have a good look around. I love Lauren Conrad's style. her hair, make-up, clothes. 

So what my plan is to read the tips in her book, check out pictures of her online, pick outfits I could somehow re-create in my own way, for instance the first picture I could easily pick up a pair of dark blue skinny jeans, black pumps,basic black t-shirt, a black and white cardigan. I've recently bought a pair of coral jeans and have nothing in my wardrobe to match so from finding the last picture here I'm on the look out for a white or cream blouse, nude pumps and accessorize the outfit with a long gold chain.

So from this weekend, I'm going to get my reading on, jot some tips down and get myself a Lauren Conrad look on a cheap budget! Be sure to see lots of posts about it here and I hope you lovely readers will enjoy it also! I really recommend all you lovely ladies giving this book a read it's great for tips and it's going to help me a lot! If you love Lauren Conrad and her gorgeous style check out her great website here 

Ellie xo

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Make-up Look ♥

Hey everyone! I really enjoy doing my make-up so expect a lot of Make-up looks here!
This look isn't inspired by anyone just something I came up with myself. I do apologize for the bad quality pictures! The eye shadows that I'm wearing today I've never worn together before and I really like it! Its so simple to do and perfect for day time.

What I Used..

  • Mac studio fix fluid NC35
  • Sephora compact powder
  • Essence concealer
  • Collection 2000 concealer
  • Sephora sculpting disk
  • Hoola by Benefit
  • Naked palette 1- Buck,Sin and Smog.
  • Mac - Rice paper and cork
  • Rimmel Exaggerate eyeliner
  • Bad Gal mascara by Benefit
  • Hue by Mac

Step 1: Apply your concealer wherever you have redness,blemishes,dark circles. Next apply your foundation with a flat ended brush then blend in with a Sigma SS187 brush.
Now take a stick concealer and top of your cheeks make a V sign now blend that into your cheeks. 

Step 2: Brush a powder all over your face. Now take a dark bronzer and a contouring brush dip the side into your bronzer and start at the top of your ear to the corner of your lip as a guideline and blend in. Take a lighter bronzer/blush and brush that just above your contouring. Use a highlighter on top of your cheeks. 

Step 3: Fill in those eye brows! Now prime your lids. Apply Ricepaper all over the lid with a flat ended brush, i used sigma SS252. Then take a smudge brush, using Cork start on your brow bone and blend in. Make sure you don't blend it outwards,only where your applying it to. Next take Buck and blend that on top of Cork

Step 4: Again using a smudge brush, apply buck and smog on your lower lash line very thinly. Now take your flat ended brush SS252 and highlight your brow with Sin. Take a liquid eye liner and make a thick line pointing out at the corner of your eye.

Step 5: Now apply your mascara and lipstick/lipgloss.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My Top Beauty Tips ♥

Second post of the day! I really wanted to do my Top Beauty Tips post and I've a lot of time on my hands today, I've been having a lazy day really nothing planned just lazying around in my tracksuit! Anyway so here are my top tips I wanted to share with you all. Feel free to comment below with some of your own tips I'd love to hear from you!

  Face mask: Always use a face mask once a week, it's a great way for getting rid of any blemishes or redness.

  Water: Drink the recommended intake of water and your skin will improve drastically. It will also make you feel healthier and happier!

  Moisturize: Moisturizing is the key to having a perfect tan and great skin, applying moisturizer on dry patches you have plus elbows, knee's it gets rid of any in a few short days as long as you apply it every day

♥  Blending: It is so so so important to blend in your makeup, whether it's foundation or eyeshadow. This is the key to having flawless makeup. Without blending your make-up properly it can often look unfinished.

 Foundation: Wearing the right shade of foundation can go a long way when it matches perfectly to your skin tone. Always go for what suits you best and stick to it. Get a few testers and try them at home before buying foundations you might not like.

 Tan-tastic: Trying to find the perfect tan to suit you best is hard and i do agree, but if you wear a pale foundation there's no point in getting a medium/dark tan so go for light. But if your like me and prefer a dark tan go for medium, sometimes dark can be way to dark and if you find it's not dark enough apply more on until you get the colour you want.

What I Recommend: 

1. Face mask: I love love love Neutrogena 2 in 1 face wash and mask, it's affordable and works great. It's a thick face wash which suits my skin type which is combination dry/oily skin. It's roughly around 5 Euro, it is dearer than others but it's worth the extra 2 or 3 euros. You can pick this up from Boots or any supermarket.

2.Blending: The make-up brushes i use are sigma and the one's i find great for blending are SS187 which is a foundation brush, before using this apply your foundation with a flat ended brush then blend in lightly with the SS187. For eyeshadow my favourite is SS224. If you look up and search these brushes on the website you'll find them there or look for the same type of brushes but cheaper. Boots do great brushes. 

3. Foundation: I can't stress enough how much i love the Mac foundation, it's expensive but well worth your money. It has excellent coverage and most days I don't even use concealer it's that good. A less expensive product which i also love is Revlon Colour Stay
great coverage but needed with concealer. Go into the closest Mac counter and tell them your looking for a new foundation, what skin type you are and what colour you like to wear( wear tan that day so they can match it up!) and they will give you testers. Then head off to your local chemist and get some testers. Try these each day and see which you prefer!

4. Tan: For daytime I use L'Oreal sublime bronze, it's not an instant tan so apply this the night before. You can be the judge if you want light or dark tan with this product. Apply a small amount and you have a light tan.. apply a good amount and you have a dark tan. But what i like to do when im using this tan is use Rimmel Instant tan in light on my face and neck. If tan isn't as dark as i want i apply the Rimmel Instant tan in Medium. My favourite at the moment is St.Moriz in medium. It's really dark and bronzy which i love. I wouldn't try the dark because medium is quite dark as it is! Although this tan is harder to come off, but i still recommend it. 

5. Moisturizer: My favourite body moisturizer's are Garnier Summer Body, it has a hint of apricot which makes it smell absolutely gorgeous as well as a nice thick moisture that drys within seconds. My other favourite is Avon Skin So Soft signature soft, it's thick and creamy and drys in seconds! They both are quite similar (that's why i love them) and both very affordable. You can pick up Garnier Summer Body in any Boots or shops. Avon Skin So Soft you can order this from your Avon Representive or possibly from the website? I'm not too sure.

Hope my Top Beauty Tips were any help to you!


Ellie Xo

How I Look After My Extensions

I wear my extensions almost everyday, i hate my natural short hair and i feel so
much more confident when i'm wearing my extensions.
Mine always last me a year even with straightening,curling,etc.
So i always make sure i look after them properly.. 
Like i do with my own hair i wash them with shampoo twice
and then after rinsing with warm water i soak them in conditioner for about three to five minutes, and again rinse out the conditioner.
Some occasions i leave the conditioner in for about an hour so that they're really soft once dried, you should do this every time your curl them.

How to blow dry your extensions straight:

I like to blow dry my extensions straight so i don't have to use the straightner on them too. By just blow drying them straight i find that they look healthier and fuller. After towel drying the extensions brush them starting at the end to the top.
Now what i like to do is get a heavy book or box and place the top of my extensions underneath the edge of the box so it's easier to blow dry.
Make sure you use a round brush, big or thin, it doesn't really matter just as long as you have one make sure you use it

After following those steps you should get straight, sleek hair.
I then apply two pumps of Toni&Guy Classic hair serum that smells so nice!
You can pick this up at Boots and it roughly costs around 2.50 Euro

I don't use it every time i wash my extensions but only when i've used a lot of heat on them and when they're looking a big dull looking. 


Ellie Xo

Monday, March 5, 2012

Urban Decay Book of Shadows 4

Hi everyone! hope you all had a good weekend..
I'll soon do a new post on my weekend and what i wore but today i wanted to do
a review on Urban Decay's Book of Shadows 4.
I haven't seen a lot of reviews on this myself so i wanted to share my thoughts with you.

So as you can see you also get the Urban Decay 24/7 liquid eyeliner, supercurl curling mascara and the eyeshadow primer potion. 
The 24/7 liquid eyeliner is a thin brush which i love, i never used a liquid eyeliner with a thin brush before so i was dying to try it out and i love it! It's great for people who aren't the best at applying liquid eyeliner (like myself when i first started) it does take a lot of practise and you need a steady hand! 
The mascara is really good to it's a curved brush and it really does curve your lashes, they make mine look great I use this and Bad Gal mascara by Benefit to make them looked curled and fuller. 
I've always used the eyeshadow primer it lasts so long and makes the eyeshadow stick perfect it also gives you a nice cream base. 

Left to Right: Bust, Missionary, Skimp, Midnight Cowgirl

These are my fave colours and the ones i use the most from this palette, they're gorgeous together and light, suttle look to wear during the day.
The rest of the palette are bright, colourful vibrant colours that i haven't tried out yet but definitely come up with a look using them.. 

From Left to Right: 
Blue Bus, Hijack, Bender, Cobra.

These are colours i wouldn't really wear myself i always go for beige,taupe,cream brown eyeshadows. I haven't came out of my shell and used any green, blues or purples yet but thinking of doing so soon when i get inspired by a look i like so ive my eye out and as soon as i come up with something i will definitely show you all.
Overall, i do really like this palette because it has browns,creams and the vibrant colours that i'm dying to try out. There's a lot of shimmery colours so i would recommend anyone using these colours to pair them up with matte colours as well because you don't want your eyeshadow too glittery sometimes it doesn't look right!

I really recommend this palette, i love it!

Ellie xo

Friday, March 2, 2012


Happy Friday everyone! 
Since my lack of blogging last week i'm trying my best to make up for it.
I really wanted to do Outfit Of The Day posts but as I mentioned in one of my posts a lot of things came up so I couldnt get around to doing so.
So this weekend I'm going to update you all what I've doing,wearing, etc.

Today I'm in work unfortunately:( from 5-9 so I'll be wearing my work uniform and i'm not obviously going to post about that because it's pretty boring! This outfit I'm showing you all is what I wore last Thursday but if i wasnt in work today I would have worn it again today as I wouldn't have much plans either way..

I took these pictures off my phone because I had no idea where my camera was and i was in a bit of a rush! Oh and please excuse the mess in the background also! 
This is one of my fave outfits, it's casual and so comfy.
Ok sooo...
My blouse is from Penneys(Primark) it cost 19 Euro
White Sleeveless top H&M it cost 4.95
My jeans are from Zara 19.95
Scarf Dunnes Stores 6 Euro
Beige ankle boots with two buckles Penneys 20 Euro

My pandora bracelet! Not a great picture but thought I'd show you all as I wear this everyday! I recieved this as a birthday present for my 18th and I absolutely love it
On the left hand side is a love heart with a pink diamond in the middle which my boyfriend got for me. The pink one with the flowers I got from my mam and dad when they were away. Next to that is my star sign and beside that is my birth stone.
So basically all my charms have a meaning to it!

Hope you all enjoy your weekend!


Ellie xo

Naked Palette Tutorial

I've always wanted to a makeup tutorial and show you all my makeup I wear daily! So i've finally gotten around to doing so and I hope you enjoy:) I love the Naked Palette by Urban Decay, I have used it almost everyday since I've bought it. This look is an every day time look I wear a lot, it's a neutral look which i really love. Keep reading and I'll show you how to do it :) 

What you need for this look: 

  • Mac studio fix fluid foundation Nc35
  • Mac mineralize skin finish Medium Plus
  • Naked Palette 1
  • Urban Decay primer potion Original
  • Mac Fleur Power
  • Urban Decay supercurl curling mascara
  • Rimmel eyeliner pencil
  • Mac Hue lipstick

As you can see here it's a light neutral look it would be a really great day time look for the summer also! Usually i wear liquid eyeliner but some days i like to leave out the liquid eyeliner but you can either use pencil or liquid eyeliner whatever suits you!

Step one: Apply your foundation which ever one you use, I used Mac Nc35. To apply my foundation I used sigma brush SS187. I then lightly brushed Mac mineralize skin finish all over my face and on my neck with my sigma brush SS150.

Step two: Apply a primer all over your lid and under your lower lash line so the eyeshadow will stick better and last all day. Next apply Sin from the Naked palette all over the lid with a flat brush I used sigma SS252. I then used the same brush and highlighted  under my brow with Virgin. Using Naked take a smudge brush,the one i used is SS239 and pat down on your lid.

Step three: Now that you have your base and highlighter, take a pencil brush the one I used is sigma SS219 and applied Buck in my crease and on my lower lash line. After lightly applying  buck I took a blending brush sigma SS224 and blended it all over the lid and to as far as my brow bone.

Step four: Take a pencil eyeliner and apply in waterline and on the top lash line very carefully, for this step make sure your pencil eyeliner is peared and has a pointy tip. This makes it easier to apply. Now apply your mascara.

Step five: Using Hoola by Benefit apply this starting at the top of your ear to the corner of your lip as a guide line. Then apply Fleur Power by Mac to the apple of your cheeks using sigma SS150. Now applying a light suttle lipstick Hue by Mac.

And there you have it! a nice light beige look using the Naked Palette one. I have this palette so long and I absolutely love it. I highly recommend it. My other favourite product is the Mac studio fix fluid, it is expensive but since Ive started using it I can't go back to any other foundation. It stays on all day and looks flawless everytime i wear it. I hope you like this look as much as I do! (pictures aren't great at the moment but they will get better)


Ellie Xo

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Another month over!

Hi everyone! just a bit of updating..

Because it's the 1st of March i thought i'd recap on the month of February, i had soo much going on between my one year anniversary with my lovely boyfriend, Valentines day, going on holiday and Olly Murs concert to finish off the month! Overall, February was a great month for me unfortunately i've nothing planned now for the next two months so expect some constant blogging from myself! (yay) Anyway.. here are just a few pictures of my very productive month i had :) 

These are the lovely roses my boyfriend got me for valentines day along with a big box of chocolates and a BT2 voucher! Not going to bother upload the other pictures because if you scroll down my blog you'll see them there! we didn't do much that day because we were going away the following day so we just got a chinese and watched a film:-)

On the 15th of February we went to Krakow Poland for 5 days and had an absolute ball!

We arrived in the middle of a blizzard, EVERYWHERE was full of snow it was beautiful!
we went for a walk the first night shortly after we arrived in our hotel and thats just a glimpse of the few snaps we took! Isn't it gorgeous?

So these we're taking outside the airport, theres myself struggling to walk through a LOT of snow! and that's the car I arranged to pick us up to bring us to the hotel, VIP style what? ;) And we went to the Hard Rock Cafe which was absolute YUM! :)

The snow cleared and the sun came out in Poland! And i was actually warm walking around the town, it was such a nice walk :-)

To end the fabulous month I had, I went to the Olly Murs concert which I was sooo excited about! I absolutely LOVE Olly Murs. I recieved the tickets as a christmas present from my boyfriend! We had an amazing night he was brilliant. I couldn't get the setting right on my camera so unfortunately some came out really blurring when I zoomed in so here are just a few snaps!

I also thought I'd treat myself and get my nails done since I hadn't had them done since my debs! I love getting my nails done and usually anytime I do get them done my poor fingers are cut to bits I have very sensitive hands but this time for the first time it didn't hurt!
so here's just a photo I thought I would add :)

There you go! Just a little glimpse of what I did this month, I had such a great holiday we went ice skating, did some shopping and went to Aushwits. The whole holiday was a great experience and a lovely winter break! I would definitely go back here again  but in the summer time! The concert was brilliant, best christmas present ever:D Even my boyfriend enjoyed it, Olly was deadly live and I'd love to go see him again.

Was February a good month for you? :) 

Ellie xo
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