Wednesday, February 29, 2012

RI,H&M,BT2 Haul and OOTD

Hey everyone, so I had been planning to put up new posts the past few days but unfortunately a few things came up so I'm a bit late on this post but ah well! On Friday I did some shopping with my lovely boyfriend!

Pink blazer cost 24.95 euro
The jeans cost 25 euro, they were 48 but went down:)
The Mac pro fill palette cost roughly 56 Euro

It's my sisters birthday this month so I also picked up her present which I know she's going to love, but I'm not mentioning on this what I got her! 

And here is what I wore that day too:

I usually back comb my hair everyday for a bit of volume but on Friday I thought I'd leave it straight,sleek and left out the back combing!

My brown cardigan is from Dunnes store it cost 20 euro I think? My white top is from H&M and cost 4.95 euro, I love the plain tops out of H&M they're such good quality! My jeans are from Zara they cost roughly 20 euro I got these awhile ago so I'm not sure if they still have them in! My necklace is from penneys which cost 3 euro:)

Ellie xo


  1. Your gorgeous! Love that pink blazer, I have one in black :) x

  2. Awh thank you!:D i'm obsessed with blazers! x

  3. Just stumbled across your blog!
    I love it, great job on your posts, i really enjoy it!

    xxx Jessica

    1. Thanks so much! really appreciate it:)
      x x x


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