Thursday, February 23, 2012

My Tanning Routine

Okay I admit it.. I'm a fake tan junkie! I cannot go a day without wearing tan. So here are my most favourite tans I like to use:

  • Rimmel instant tan: medium matte
  • Rimmel instant tan: fair matte
  • L'Oreal sublime bronze

So the tans I've mentioned here in this post are the ones I like to use daily. I don't like to wear too much tan during the day because then at night when i'm going out it doesn't look any different.
Before applying tan it's soo important to exfoliate and get rid of dry skin, if you apply your tan without exfoliating dry skin becomes very visible and you don't want that to happen.

Next thing to do is apply moisturizer, the one I like to use when applying tan is Garnier body summer body. Applying this everyday will gradually give a sun kissed look. It smells absolutely gorgeous and it drys instantly! I highly recommend it.

After exfoliating and moisturizing I then whip out my fake tan! :) I apply L'Oreal sublime bronze, there's two types of this tan. One thats clear and the other one which is the bronze, I like to use the bronze as its easy to see when applying so you don't have any patches or streaks. This tan develops over a few hours and best way to get good results is to apply before going to bed and the next day you'll find it much darker.

It does say fair skin on the bottle but it isn't a light tan, even if you apply a small amount it comes up a dark natural looking tan which I love because it goes really well with the colour of the foundation I use. 

I personally think that the Rimmel instant tan in medium matte goes really well over this tan and it looks so nice, anytime I use these two tans together everyone always asks me what tan I use.

I use the fair matte colour on my face and neck before applying my foundation. I hate applying a dark tan to my face because I personally think it looks dirty and you find yourself taking some of it off before applying foundation.
So I tried the fair matte colour on my face and neck and it looked so natural and my foundation went really well over it.

These products are also cheap, L'Oreal sublime is a bit expensive but it's definitely worth buying it lasts so long and your definitely getting your moneys worth.

Ellie xo

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